Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Never-Trump "heroes" defy democracy

commercial photography locationsLet me try to get my head around this one. It's not okay to talk with the Russian ambassador, among other heads of state, when you're chosen to be the incoming President's national security adviser. It is a violation of this arcane statute from 1799 known as the "Logan Act," which is so important, you see, that nobody has ever been found guilty of contravening it.
But it is alright to have used illegal surveillance of a US citizen's calls in order to know who the soon-to-be national security adviser was talking to and what he was saying. I see. So this "Logan Act" must be the letter of the law with regard to retired Lieutenant Michael Flynn. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution can screw off.
And, furthermore, there are figureheads defending this gross suspension of civil liberties. I speak of former pres ... A-HAH-HAH-HAH!—sorry, I couldn't control that. Former presidential cand ... *snort*. OK, I'll pull myself together. Former presidential candidate and spokesmouth for the Purist Holier-than-Thous, Evan McMullen Egg McMuffin.
McMuffin took to the airwaves, granted to him by liberals who just adore #NeverTrump "conservatives," oh yes, they do! On CNN and Jack Dorsey's Twitter, McMuffin opined that President Donald Trump "presents a threat to the country". Not Hillary Clinton, right? With her illegal server open to hackers of all stripes and motives, selling of state secrets and American blood on her hands? Nah. Pshaw! The grave danger to the US is Donald Trump because he's dismantling Honolulu Barry's legacy—including, golly gee, his wonderful deal to allow Iran, within a mere ten years, to develop nuclear weapons, accomplished through $150 billion of your money. He's upsetting the George Soros New World Order. Like, omigod!
Speaking about the rogue "intelligence" agencies aligned against Mr. Trump, McMuffin told Kelly Megyn the Second, also known as Brooke Baldwin, "I'll tell you what their concerns are. Their concerns are that Donald Trump presents a threat to the country because ... what they see as his relationship with Vladimir Putin and the relationship of his team to other Russian intelligence officers."
Oh yeah, that monster that wants to eat up the entire planet. Vladimir Putin. Uh-huh. A man who isn't actively reviving slavery nor chopping heads off Christian, Yazidi and moderate Muslim men and raping their women and infiltrating swarms of invaders into Europe and America to commit terror. A man who even ended the seal cull in Russia—something we won't see hippy-dippy Justin Trudeau's Canada do anytime soon. I'm so glad our "intelligence" services are so actively pursuing nationalist, Christian Russia. That's brilliant. Your government hard at work, folks. Too bad the Russkies aren't ragheads. They'd be left well the bloody hell alone then, wouldn't they?
Listen, McMuffin, shine that chrome dome of yours and then stick a pacifier in your mouth to complete the look. You're absolutely pathetic.
Oh, but Nightdragon, he's a former CIA operative, I hear you protest. Exactly. I'd rather have a drug dealer in office. We'd have more honesty. And besides, we could always encourage him to undertake a diplomatic visit to the Philippines whereupon Rodrigo Duterte would have him executed. 
Then there's the other sourpuss and loser, William Kristol. You know, the one who publishes The Meekly Standard? Wait, it's the Weakly Standard, that's it. On Twitter, Kristol wrote, "Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state."
Gotta hand it to user Ben Domenech who responded, "I prefer the elected to the unelected." What, now? Round that man up and put him away under the uh, ... under the uh, ... under the "Logan Act"! Yeah, that's it!
Golly, aren't men like McMuffin and Kristol such staunch, trustworthy defenders of the American way? That's why they'd give the office over to the shriveled-up old harridan in a split second if only they could. After all, they voted for her. Oh wait, I forgot. Voting for Hillary meant actually putting an "X" next to her name, simple electoral algebra be damned. Silly me.
How about this: They have dedicated themselves to the cause of defying a totally legitimate presidency. I thought that was the job of Democrats. That's normally how it goes. But, because the Republicans are led by spineless wonders and total corporate whores like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, it's no wonder oh-so-heroic independents like McMuffin and Kristol can effortlessly attach themselves to the cause.
Erick Erickson has moved on. Glenn Beck has at least somewhat moved on. Kristol, however, has a hate-on for Trump that is horrifyingly priapistic. 
Let me spell it out for you phenomenally ignorant people who think men like this and those in the deep state are courage personified. The intelligence services are there to protect the President. They work for him and assist any administration who's in power. Their existence is not to be a check on the executive. That is the job of Congress. Show me where in the Constitution that powers are granted to surveillance forces to watch over the executive branch. C'mon, brainiacs, where is it?
Barry Obama greatly expanded surveillance powers on his way out the White House door. Known as Executive Order—and with B.O., what else could it possibly have been?—12333, it almost completely disregards any right to privacy in allowing the National Security Agency to share information, no matter how dubious and no matter how raw, with the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the DHS and the CIA. You know, our seventeen five members of the intelligence community.
General Mike Flynn was a private citizen at the time. But he was aware of his duties and was having preliminary talks with several heads of state beforehand. It's called preparation, something a general would particularly know more than a thing or two about. I know Gen. Flynn is no deep state boy-hero like McMuffin, but hey, he did the best he could.
Obama could be taped on a hot mic telling then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would have more flexibility in bending over for him and his country once he won the 2012 election, knowing damn well that voter fraud would indeed see him reĆ«lected. Oh wait, there's no such thing as voter fraud—another Great Lie pumped out by the Progressive-Purist Axis of Evisceration. Anyway, this upset absolutely no-one in this valuable "intelligence community" of ours. General Flynn tells Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak that he has no further information on the sanctions against his country and it's the end of the world.
Listen to me, you Cruz-bot purists, Republican Establishment loyalists and those who wish to carry the Reagan mantle even though you're making Dutch turn in his grave. What does it say about men who lose an election, either directly or indirectly, and who carry on as if they won, who continue to push an agenda and a status quo that obviously got resoundingly rejected, men who don't do the humble thing and go away, recognizing that the people have spoken, but who allege that, because they lost, our democracy was fiddled with by a foreign power? And you're more frightened by Donald Trump, even though you said absolutely nothing about Barry or Hillary?
I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again: If this is conservatism, count me out. I'm finding it impossible to differentiate from progressivism/Marxism at this stage. I'm more than happy to be a populist-nationalist.
I've left the best for last: John McCain McManiac. Talk about bitter, sore losers— whoa! Remember during the campaign last summer when the punditry was abuzz with news about how Trump had sunk his bid for the presidency because he dared to opine that McCain was not a war hero? Well, Mr. Trump was wrong, we all know that. But here's the thing. I've grown tired of hearing it. Mark Levin was right when he recently said that McCain is not the only war hero out there. There are plenty of others. But the senior senator from Arizona hogs the limelight with respect to that.
I no longer care about McManiac's war hero status. Apparently, he learned nothing, because he's a warmonger. This man has never met a military conflict he didn't like, approve of and want to keep going for decades. The war machine, the government-military complex, has been good to this guy and he's clearly missing the Cold War. So, let's ramp up hostilities with Russia, knock Assad out of power in Syria so that we can have yet another unstable, jihadist-governed country in the Middle East, and continue pinprick airstrikes on ISIS. That is the McManiac (and Lindsey Grahamnesty and Little Marco Rubio) policy. Ain't it great? Nice contracts if you can get them.
McManiac is a disgrace. He's been in office for way too long. What is it with us that we allow octogenarians to serve in Congress? John Lewis. Dianne Feinstein. John Conyers. Should we not have an upper age limit? You know, if you have reached the stage where you have to go back into diapers, you should probably not be serving any longer. Who wants to campaign when they're 80? I don't get it. Must be the riches, eh? They went to Washington to do good and stay—and stay, and stay—to do well.
This bad-tempered coot, McCain, demanded candidate Trump's loyalty. So Trump gave it in good faith and therefore denying it to the genuine conservative in the 2016 Arizona primary, one Kelli Ward. And now McCain is on the war-path, Trump's endorsement having earned the President no loyalty. Trump called out the "Gold Star" Khan family. McCain bitched. Trump criticised Judge Curiel. McCain kvetched. McCain invoked "demeaning comments about women" on Trump's part upon withdrawing his endorsement in October. Take Trump's recent humiliation of the media, which was long overdue and entirely merited because the mainstream media are biased, are liberal hacks, do make stuff up or embellish and spotlight only one part of a varied story, do regularly cite unnamed sources and are completely worthless when it comes to actual, trustworthy journalism. The media had it coming.
Well, according to Senator McManiac, this was indicative of "how dictators get started," don'tcha know. He blasted Trump for being a big meanie to immigrants and minorities and, of course, restated the whole Russian angle. Can't talk about our new President without adding Russia, can we? Vladimir Putin is the "u" to the Trump administration's "q," according to the McCain-Graham-Ryan lunatics.
I entirely agree with Senator Rand Paul when he recently told ABC's This Week, "We're very lucky John McCain’s not in charge, because I think we'd be in perpetual war" and that "everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he's got running with President Trump." Rand also said, "If you look at the map, there's probably at least six different countries where John McCain has advocated for us having boots on the ground."
McCain wants to be the star of the show and precisely because he cannot get past his 2008 Presidential defeat. He's a little old to act so jealously, but, as Senator Rand also said, "Not everyone is perfect."
To give McCain credit, he did blast Barry O. after the Orlando nightclub slaughter, correctly pointing out his failure in Iraq by preĆ«mptively withdrawing the troops and not signing the Status of Forces Agreement, and he has voted for nearly all of Trump's cabinet picks. I have, however, had it with his maverick status. It's old, like him, and it needs to be retired—again, like him. Time this man stopped schmoozing with Saudi and United Arab Emirates sheiks, sit back on the porch in Arizona and watch the tarantula hawks pollinate the milkweeds. It's over, Johnny. I honestly don't know what's pricklier, a saguaro cactus or you.

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