Thursday, February 9, 2017

No popular vote, no Super Bowl trophy? #LiberalsGottaGrowUp

commercial photography locationsAllow me to take a stab in the dark here, mes amis, and posit that, outside of New England, people have seized upon the hashtag "Not My Super Bowl Champions".
I can understand the bitter sense of resignation for other denziens of the nation that comes with witnessing a particular team or city enjoy what may be considered too much sporting success. Yankees fans, and New Yorkers in general, have dealt with that sentiment since the '20s. Chicago and Los Angeles have also had their dynasties. Boston witnessed an incredible 2000s and has seen the Bruins and Red Sox triumph once and the Patriots twice in this decade (so far). It's been a long time since the New England sports scene was "Losah-ville".
History has determined that there are two paths people can choose in dealing with a super successful team. You either dedicate your life to hating them with as much spitfire as you can muster, or you take the "if you can't beat them, join them" approach and become a fan yourself, despite the fact that you don't live in the city or part of the country where they're based. But if you're going to indulge the whole "Not My Super Bowl Champions" trend, then you're allying yourselves with violent Leftists who are also calling for Tom Brady's assassination. Are you sure you want to go there?

"Are you still here, Roger?"
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I realize we New England fans might be insufferable with our "Yankees suck!" chants, even during events where the Yankees are nowhere in sight, our die-hard nature, sense of determinism (or fatalism) and especially our nutcracker vowels. Understood, dear reader. But that's the way we are and we aren't going to change for anyone. Start learning to deal with it.
The Patriots have a great name with an equally great symbol. I do miss the old Paul Revere-looking dude hiking the ball, but the "Flying Elvis" is also cool. It's all so ... well, patriotic. We have the best owner a team could hope to have in Robert Kraft, the greatest coach the game has known in Bill Belichick. And we possess the best quarterback the game has ever witnessed in Tom Brady.
Like him or not, whinge about his friendship with Donald Trump (as with Belichick and Kraft), hate on him because you think he magnifies this fairy tale known as "white privilege," but he is the best quarterback there has ever been. Forgive me, but I don't want to hear about Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. I really don't want to hear about Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger or Robert Griffin III. I especially don't wish to entertain the thought of either of the Manning brothers. Don't even!
They were all great, or at least very good to some extent. Nonetheless, Tom Brady is quite simply the best QB to have ever donned an NFL uniform, and good luck arguing against that. He lost a season due to injury. He has been accused of deflating footballs to suit his hands, despite Aaron Rodgers pumping balls a little too taut to suit his hands and about which nobody made a federal case. Brady has been described as too flashy, a show-off and perhaps a little feminized by his model wife Gisele Bundchen.
People forget that this guy is the very essence of teamwork. He beat an excellent Steelers team in 2004 while battling a severe case of the 'flu. He has consistently gone above and beyond in his role with the team and looks fit to carry on for at least another two seasons. If he does this, he will retire at 42. Five Super Bowl rings and perhaps six or even seven by the time he hangs it up. Any further questions about how phenomenal this guy is? Do you still want to argue about quarterbacks?
The progressives have brought their sudden obsession with the popular vote into this Super Bowl result. They allege that the Atlanta Falcons carried the popular vote across the country, and I don't doubt they did. As I noted, there is a lot of hate directed at the Patriots outside of New England. So what do these snowflakes want? Let's not even play the game and just give the Vince Lombardi trophy to the Falcons because "they won the popular vote"? Is there no level of insanity, of total and complete unreality, that the libtards will not sink to? At this stage, the answer is quite clearly "no".
Do you see what being "best friends" with your children and awarding them a trophy simply for participating, or even losing, has done to this pathetic generation? If they actually do bother to work, they enter the workplace on the first day and wonder why they haven't been awarded the CEO's office by the time five o'clock rolls around.
Buck up, buttercups. You really need to start acknowledging how the world really works. If you can bring yourself to put the bongs away for long enough.

*   *   *
Incidentally, ladies and gents, I believe I have found the proof of collusion between Russia and President Trump that everyone has been scrambling to present evidence of:

That's right, smack-dab in the City of London (the ancient financial district), Russia Row leads into Trump Street. I swear this is not doctored, look it up on Bing or Google Maps for yourselves.

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