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Children of God: The hippies who were anything but Godly

commercial photography locationsLet's play a game, dear reader. Are you up for it? Tough, you're going to play anyway.
Here we go. Analyze the following excerpts to the best of your ability and guess from whom they originate and when they were written. Ready? Your time starts now.

  • "What have the world's Whites got to be proud of! They have nearly wrecked the world! [T]hese White Devil's Angels invaded, and all but destroyed the much more learned religious, philosophical and peaceful civilisations of Southern Europe, the Near East, the Far East, and around the globe with their predatory, warlike brutality!"
  • "These White Devils exploited, enslaved, suppressed, oppressed, tortured, and built massive, rich, and warring empires upon the bruised and bloody bodies of these down-trodden masses of so-called under-developed peoples! Under developed in what? Under-developed in war, weapons, brutality, cruelty, selfishness, and the desire to dominate others! Actually they were over- developed in some of the world's most beautiful and peaceful cultures—religions, art, sciences, philosophies, and beautiful, peaceful, pastoral ways of life, which the White Devils came to destroy, and to makes slaves of them."
  • "For it was not until East met West in Europe, that the White Man rose to power, as God used these barbaric Whites to destroy the corrupt civilizations of the ancient past for their sins. But it was still left to their darker skinned brethren, the Italians, Spanish, and Portuguese, to pioneer the exploration of a new world—the Western Hemisphere, with the blood of Moors and Nubians flowing in their veins and pigmenting their skins! But then came the Whites again—the French and the English with their superior brutality, war machines, and desire to dominate and to rule that which others had discovered!"
  • "I could not possibly tell you how shocked I was, as I began to learn the real truth about American history—a history of slaughter, carnage, brutality, torture, greed, lies, trickery, and broken promises used to steal the Indian's land and exterminate his people! It is almost unbelievable—this sophisticated savagery of the Whites!"
  • "It should make one ashamed to be White ... [I]t's no wonder that the rest of the world doesn't think much of the White Man! He has a long, sad, gruesome, gory, and horrible history! But his day is coming! The vast majority of the world's populations who are poor, starving, sick, oppressed, exploited, misused, insulted, injured, incensed, and fed up with it! The White Man's Doomsday impends! The day of Black and White is about over! The whole world is about to go colour!"

Black Lives Matter (Only When White People are Involved)? The New Black Panthers? La Raza? George Soros? MOVE? Slate.com? Don Lemon on CNN? The head just spins, doesn't it? So many far-Left, anarchic, Caucasian-loathing whack-a-dos out there; so many choices.
This actually originated from that "Flirty Fishing" bunch of righteous fun-lovers known as The Family International, formerly called the Children of God. These excerpts have been taken from one of the infamous "Mo letters," written by their (dear) leader, which read like really bad, subversive blog entries, this one in particular entitled "Who Are the Racists?" and distributed to the flock in September 1971.
Yep, this America-bashing, this belief that "Whites" engender nothing but intolerance, greed and destruction—despite the fact that white cultures appear to be the very first to have come up with the idea of environmentalism and conservation and invented 99 percent of all the technology we can't do without as far as I can tell—is nothing new. If you want to read this entire poisonous screed for yourself, you can find it here. Just click on those funky purple words, friends, and reach for the Ativan.
David Berg was the failed preacher, obsessed with sex, and who tried to link fundamentalist Christianity with the hippie concept of free love. He established his Children of God in southern California in 1968, recruiting burnt-out hippies to get "high on Jesus". Cult members regarded him as "Dad." And it all just got progressively worse from there. Hundreds of people, if not thousands, were psychologically damaged from their time in the organization, most of them children at the time of their involvement.
Berg had a rich springwell of radical sentiment to tap into. In order to keep his flock faithful, he had to appeal to the lowest Leftist common denominator. At their commune deep within the Lone Star badlands, the Texas Soul Clinic ranch, cult members regularly rehearsed scenarios in which they would be accused of being "punks" for protesting America "while young men were dying in Vietnam," at which sack cloth-covered members would start chanting "Woe!" at the actors playing the role of their detractors. For your homework, mes amis, go to YouTube and watch the excellent 1971 documentary Man Alive. You'll see this for yourselves. Keep in mind, though, that this was years before Berg was wanted for sexual abuse.

Let's see ... How can I completely screw up this generation, and the next along with it ..."

The Children of God called themselves "Revolutionaries," seemingly with Father and Son all the way. They were communists. That's what they were. Don't believe me? Consider this gem from the Mo Letter published March 8, 1970:
What are the parents complaining about? They're complaining that their children are returning to the customs of their forefathers. It's the parents who are the rebels. The kids want to return to the pattern of the cooperative, socialistic, communal living of the tribalism of their forefathers. That's the most ancient and the longest lasting of any economic system—the economic system of tribalism—ancient socialism.
Berg and the COG did get young people off drugs and gave them a purpose. Unfortunately, that purpose consumed their entire being and turned them not just into Scripture-quoting robots, but against their own families. Though these kids may have been rescued from weed, booze, meth and heroin, the free love was still there. Polygamy. Children witnessing instances of "free love." I don't need to further elaborate, do I?
Berg was a sex addict and he expected the same rampant rockin' behavior from his flock. There's no end of warped, appetite-killing, soul-deflating missives Berg wrote about the subject, but I'll just give you a small taste, from the "Heavenly Bodies" entry from February 1983:
I'm looking right now at some photos I have here on my desk of a number of beautiful gorgeous delicious heavenly bodies & I'm not talking about astronomy or the stars! I am talking about God's astronomy & His stars, yes, & they are you & these beautiful pictures that you have sent me! You wonderful willing working & playing girls who have sent me your lovely photos & nudie cuties, displaying your gorgeous Heavenly charms & exciting beauties, surely God's gift of Love to all of us men! 
[T]hank you for sending me your lovely photos that I look at every day all day long, that inspire me, encourage me & thrill me with your radiant smiles & invitations to love! They sure excite me! That's a promise of Heaven in itself, Heaven here & Heaven now! If I could only reach you! 
The Heaven of all Heavens is still coming, & that's going to be better yet! Praise God! We'll have each other & our love & thrills & ecstasies & excitement & even sexual orgasms to enjoy together forever for all Eternity, praise God! You didn't think the Lord was going to create sex for just this World & then abandon it on the other side, did you? Anything that wonderful, that thrilling, that exciting, that pleasurable, that ecstatic, that wonderful & marvelous? No, sirree!
I think I'll pass on the Ativan. Right now, I need Kaopectate more than anything. Remember, this man was known as "Dad" to his flock, regardless of age.
I am not faulting these people—nor anyone else—for their belief in God and Jesus. That's not the issue, and please do not misinterpret what I write here as this being the case. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that I believe in God myself and deeply admire and defend the Judeo-Christian culture of the U.S. and Western Europe, as it used to be. I am not one of these atheistic, knee-jerk religion-haters, nor am I one of these people who can see creation all around him but cannot acknowledge a Creator. Talk about denying the scientific method. Start with that one.
Here's the deal: the whole Children of God story involved the radical politics we see today, the very same festering rot that originated from the cockroaches who managed to evade the House Un-american Activities Committee purges of the '50s. For example, it is akin to George Soros naming his anarchist organizations "The Center for American Progress" and "The Open Society Foundation." Breezy words which have subterfuge at their very core. We desperately need another Raid, new and improved, to wipe out this current breed of two-legged entomological horrors.
If you want to hear more about this insidious cult, listen to the four excellent episodes on the subject from the humorists at The Last Podcast on the Left. (Nothing to do with the political Left.)
These days, progressivism has allied with radical Islam in the name of bringing down America and the traditional ways of life of her silent moral majority. But the twinning of fundamentalist religiosity with communist fervor continues. I don't believe Karl Marx when he opined that religion was the opiate of the masses. Marx, instead, should be proud from beyond the grave how effectively it sometimes but often has been used to advance his ideology.

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