Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump and Ryan: Best friends forever?

commercial photography locationsLooks like the "purists" were right. I can honestly say that a Ted Cruz presidency looks mighty fine to me right now.
Of course, there's no way of knowing how Cruz would have reacted to House Speaker Paul Ryan, but I can say with some confidence that he would not have campaigned for this turkey known as RINOCare. I cannot for the life of me understand how "draining the swamp" involves defending that fraud Ryan and going to bat for his preposterous health care bill which, much in the manner of Obama's TPP agreement, was kept under lock and key.
All the American Health Care Act (re: Obamacare under a different title) would have done is shuffle money around under the guise of "tax breaks," in which people would have received $1,400 per month with which to purchase their health care, but it would have had to include all ten "essential benefits" of Obamacare. Forcing insurers to cover all those benefits would do nothing to drive down costs. It rejected purchasing across state lines. It allowed insurers to charge older customers up to five times as much as younger customers, so no changes there. It would have given the same handouts to illegal aliens as the Senate Finance Committee determined that it had no jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security. The Chamber of Commerce still has its hold on Ryan.
And President Trump has this chameleon's back? Does Trump not know that Ryan said, in October, that no how, no way would he support him as President? Is Reince Preibus keeping that from him? Can he not leave Twitter alone for just one second to read a newspaper or examine web articles on his own? Now then, I can't expect the President, especially before his first one hundred days are even up, to have full and complete knowledge of every enemy, real or potential. That's why a president has advisers. But for Chrissakes, this one was obvious.
Here's the thing regarding this "health care" bill: Does anyone not notice how hypocritical it is to have robbed the Social Security fund blind so that someone currently in their 50s or younger will never see the money in their retirement that they were promised, but to provide everyone with $1,400 every month? Where does the government get this kind of money from? How about just give us our social security and let us keep a lot more of our earnings? How stupid is it indeed that we should send money to Washington in taxes only for the government to say "oh, here's $1,400 of that back. Now buy some crappy health care with it."
What happened to the repeal of Obamacare that the Republicans crafted in 2015, just two short years ago? That seems, by all appearances, to have been stored in the circular file. Instead, Ryan opted to sell a dud to his fellow party, watch it attract nowhere near the amount of votes needed to pass it and then pull the plug on it by cancelling the vote. How embarrassing. The man loses a debate to Joe Biden and he cannot rally his own troops in Congress.
We may as well have John Boehner back. It would at least have been fun to watch him cry as he told everyone to forget it and go home.
Everybody says Paul Ryan is a nice guy. Big whoop. Maybe that's the problem. They finish last, so I've heard. This latest fiasco proves the point.
I know that there are some Right-leaning folks who have affection for Eddie Munster Mr. Ryan, and that's bewildering. What conservative credentials this boob has is a mystery to me.
On Friday, Mark Levin expertly spelled it all out: "Mr. Ryan, you failed to develop a plan that embraced market capitalism and you did not involve the GOP conservatives in the early phases of drafting your plan. You tried to force this plan through, adopted a few changes, but mostly continued with big-government ideas and much of Obamacare's essential elements."
In the The American Spectator, David Hogberg asks regarding the Speaker:
I can't help but wonder if he made a mistake leaving the chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee for the Speakership. For starters, why didn't Ryan sit down with the entire Republican Conference and solicit their ideas on repealing and replacing Obamacare? That would served as a starting point for drafting legislation as it would have given him a sense of the divisions between conservatives and moderates. Instead of taking time to put together a bill that would have been assured of at least 216 votes before it was even introduced, he put forward legislation that split the party and has left him scrambling for votes.
But never mind, we should all be relieved that the ACHA got defeated, right? Not exactly. Ryan and Trump and all of their minions immediately jumped all over the bill's conservative opponents, namely the eighteen members of the House Freedom Caucus, who rightly stuck by their principles in voting against the ACHA. They're being vilified, but not the moderate Republican members of the Tuesday Group or other centrists who took the view that their constituents would not be adequately covered or that, like Obamacare itself, it was unworkable. No, no, just blame the principled conservatives.
Even better—did you hear?—we're going to work with Democrats now! Yes, the same people who want Trump impeached and thrown in prison for unproven "collusion" with Russia are apparently going to help deliver Trump's infrastructure spending bill, tax reform and immigration policies. Oh dear God, good luck with that, buddy.
I thought this new President of ours had the smarts to recognize his enemies and the cojones and wherewithal to stick to a platform that involved conservatives. That honeymoon is over. It would have given me the greatest pleasure to see Ryan kicked back to his Budget Chair position, from which he could never again, and should never again, emerge. I would have loved to see Trump stand up and tell everyone, "This is not the healthcare bill I previously endorsed during the campaign and I won't be making that mistake again."
If Trump wants to swim with the alligators and snakes in the swamp, he can hardly be surprised when he gets bitten.
I'm not saying all's lost and I'm not trying to, God forbid, sound like a Never Trump advocate. Michael Savage has said that even if we only get 10 percent of what we wanted or expected from a Trump administration, we're infinitely better off than under the Pantsuit. But we have a President who has no idea how to defend the principles of the base that got him where he is. At least that is what he seems to be demonstrating. His cabinet can't shoot straight. I've gotten ever so tired of Preibus and Bannon and Conway. Honestly, they're the gang that can't shoot straight and Trump is taking his leads from them.
Cruz-bots, if you turn out to be right on this, then you have my profuse apology. We'd still have had Madame Hillary in office, but at least then there'd be no surprises.

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