Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oh Trump, how thou art disappoint me? Let me count the ways

commercial photography locationsI don't like having to write the following, but here goes.
Dear reader, I voted for Donald J. Trump for President because I believed in his outsider status—that he wasn't an ordinary, established politician—and, more than anything, his message to bring jobs back to America, crack down on illegals by deporting the criminal aliens and building the border wall, renegotiate bad trade deals and institute law-and-order.
I especially wanted Trump because I believed he would stick it to the Clintons, Paul Ryan and the other RINOs, and every Obama holdover in the government. For these people, payback would be a bitch, and I couldn't wait for all of their pyres to be lit.
Regular readers of this blog will recall that I was a Ted Cruz supporter up until the Wyoming and Colorado primaries which were decided beforehand with no voter input. Cruz was fine with accepting voterless victories and that turned me off. And the further into the primaries we got, the more I just couldn't see him winning. He simply did not have the numbers. Cruz is a principled conservative and I'm thankful for his presence in the Senate. But 2016 was not his time; Madame Hillary would have beaten him handily. Donald Trump, already a celebrity, had momentum—and a brilliant message of "Make America Great Again".
I know it's still a while until his first one-hundred days are up. But Trump, having witnessed the defeat of a health-care bill that he somehow seriously believed was the repeal-and-replace effort that he and other Republicans campaigned on and promised us, has turned his fire on the real conservatives, the ones that stick to their word, the ones that are serious about offering Americans free market-based health-care alternatives with no sufferable mandates or punitive taxes. Meanwhile he has said nothing about the considerable majority of moderate Republicans who played a big role in sinking the ACHA.
I expected Trump to chuck that phony, that Howdy-Doody-faced, Eddie Munster look-a-like imbecile Paul Ryan against the wall, Lyndon Johnson style, and tell him, "I know you're against me. I'm against you. If you don't work with me, you're in for a tough ride as Speaker. I'll personally see to it."
Instead, he sided with that Judas and expects Tea Party, grass-roots conservatives—those with the faith in their convictions—to get onboard. Sorry, Mr. President, no can do.
Trump allowed James Comey to stay on as the director of the FBI. Comey has made it clear, in Senate testimony, that he will not pursue possible proof of wiretapping by Deep State officials on Obama's order, the source of the leaks against him and his administration, but he will continue to investigate these ridiculous assertions of collusion with Russia—a duplicitous strategy designed to damage Trump's presidency and add fuel to the fire of Democrats calling for his impeachment. What is Trump planning to do about Comey? Damned if I know. Instead of calling him to the carpet as he should, he's letting this traitorous idiot continue with his investigation of his own presidency!
He failed to stand by Mike Flynn when the accomplished general became the first victim of the propagandist media's assassination attempts. Instead of insisting that Flynn stay, he accepted his resignation, based on nothing more than media hearsay, lies, half-truths and pretexts.
Trump has done nothing about the rest of the Obama holdovers in the government bureaucracy and Deep State positions which are actively seeking to imperil his presidency. He has not brought the hammer down on any of them. Does he really not see the long knives of their treachery?
With regard to Hillary, I expected Trump to "lock her up". But instead, just after the election, he called the Clintons "good people" and that, apparently, is that. The four dead in Benghazi continue to go without justice being done on their behalf.
Rand Paul has had to defend Trump with regard to him being wiretapped because he won't do it himself. All the President has to do is demand the FISA request that was issued in October. Something so simple, yet apparently beyond his ability.
Evelyn Farkas, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia, as deep state as a position can get and fervently anti-Russia to boot, as good as exposed the Obama administration when she said March 3 in an interview with MSNBC that she requested that the information gathered on Trump should be released as she feared it would be buried when Trump and his people came in and that is why, she added, we have these leaks. That was a month ago. House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes is under fire, accused of having had access to classified reports provided by the White House itself. What is being done to calm that storm? Will Nunes now have to recuse himself or resign? Another person Trump will slap on the back and say, "Well, see ya'." Is this what it'll come down to?
For a President who looked like he knew how to fight the media and the Establishment, he's become pretty damn tame. 
We Trump-supporters were promised change in the way government works, a complete abandonment of Obama-era, and Bush-era, policies, and a "draining of the swamp". Now, amazingly, Trump has demonstrated a total willingness to swim in that very swamp.
So, business as usual, then? Work with the Democrats in pursuing the "art of the deal"? A new-found appetite for "go along to get along"? Hey, we can't let Chuck Schumer threaten a government shutdown, why that would be the end of the world! We have no choice to work with the moderates, because the conservatives are so inflexible and can't accept yes as an answer, don'tcha know.
This is making America great again?
It's obvious to me now that the President really has no political mind or instincts of his own and is relying solely on Mr. Establishment, Reince Preibus, as well as liberal daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, to dictate his policy going forward. Next we'll be hearing that Trump donated funds earmarked for the wall to George Soros's Open Society Foundation. At this stage, it would not surprise me one bit.
I'm through. I'm done. The next four years will be interesting, to be sure, but nothing at all resembling what I fully endorsed and dared to believe in.
Don't misunderstand me. I will not ally myself with those seeking to bring Mr. Trump down, and I never will. I still have nothing but the deepest contempt for those continuing to fight and resist his presidency and I find their motives ungenuine, asinine, disingenuous, traitorous and, in many cases, flat-out hypocritical. Donald Trump is our legitimately elected President. Whether or not he has any desire for a second term is, as far as I can tell, anyone's guess.
I wonder if Mark Meadows will run in 2020? 

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