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Holiday weekends can't stop the flow of the media's fake news output

commercial photography locationsTo be honest, I don't think anything frustrates me more, in terms of things I can't control, than a mainstream media that pretends it is simply following up on a "major" story and that the President is directly responsible for its perpetuation, as opposed to it continuing to script a completely false narrative designed to damage the administration's reputation and eventually bring the President down.
There used to be a time when you needed two verifiable sources to run with a story in television or script news. Editors-in-chief used to be individuals who would laugh their reporters or sub-editors out of the office if they expected a transcript of a letter as read over the telephone by an "anonymous source" as a lead story, as journalism par excellence. Yet this is routinely how The New York Times and The Washington Post run their little rags.
But to return the point I kicked off this entry with, the other day on NBC's The Today Show, the morning after Memorial Day, the hosts stated: "The President is back from his overseas trip, but some of these same headlines persist."
"That's right, we're back to the same storylines in Washington as people kind of shake off the holiday weekend."
"Absolutely, there's some new overnight developments to tell you about regarding this Russia investigation." (Notice how these cretins always have to agree with each other every time it is their turn to speak?)
Cut to news report: "Heading into summer, the President and his team are already feeling the heat. [Nightdragon: Hahaha, oh, what a scream these newspeople are!] Mr. Trump is fending off critical headlines."
Those critical headlines are completely made-up, they are the products of manufactured sensationalism and Soviet-style propogandism. Anonymous sources from within the deep state, and all the Bushites and Obama holdovers contained therein, continue to hound President Trump. And the media seriously expects us to think that this "Russia investigation" and all the baloney associated with it just germinated in a vacuum. It just exists outside any sphere of influence, and their duty is to report it, even though no examples of crimes actually committed nor any sources tapped can be revealed. You know why? Because no crimes were committed by this President and these sources are bogus.
We hear now that the wonder boy, the deputy chair for every White House meeting, Jared Kushner requested a direct line of communication to the Russians through ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Again, this is proof of "collusion" how?
As Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review: "In principle, as stressed by Trump national-security adviser H. R. McMaster, there is nothing wrong with the concept of back channels. All administrations use them ...The United States and Russia are global competitors with large nuclear arsenals and some important mutual interests. It is often desirable for adversaries to maintain open lines for frank communication beneath all of their public posturing. Obama certainly seemed to think so when, in his infamous hot-mic mishap, he beseeched Putin factotum Dmitry Medvedev to let Vlad know he'd have 'more flexibility' to accommodate Russia on missile defense after the 2012 election was over. Until last fall, national-security conservatives were ridiculed for agitating about Russia. So it is with back channels, which the media-Democrat complex were not bothered by until a Republican was elected president."
Well, exactly.
Furthermore, will anyone in the media point out that this, like so much else, has only been revealed because Mr. Trump was illegally surveilled during his campaign and time as President-Elect? Of course not. Kushner is an agent of the Russians and that's all you need to know. Join us for more 24-hour coverage on this "breaking" news story tomorrow.
There are so many genuine issues of grave concern like ISIS, Iran and North Korea, plus the drug deaths and other assorted mayhem brought to us by those paragons of virtual signalling known as sanctuary cities, or perhaps even the issue of the over 46,000 "refugees" that the U.S. has admitted in just this year of 2017, that should be on the news everyday, but drama queen James Comey's notes and mental patient John McCain's anti-Russia ramblings are what the media expects us to care about.
Then we have cases when the media could not make any more clear their bias against Mr. Trump and his supporters. I won't go into specifics about Kathy Griffin and the total mental breakdown she suffered in which she thought holding up a bloody fascimile of Donald Trump's head and being photographed doing so was a great rebellious statement worthy of merit.
Everyone is already aware of this; it's gone viral. However, shortly after the understandable furor this caused, Molly Ball on CNN dismissed the whole incident as not only much ado about nothing, but proof of baseless paranoia on the part of "the Trump people".
"Donald Trump Jr. is out there saying this is now considered to be acceptable discourse by the Left," host Jake Tapper said.
Ball responded, "Who is saying it's acceptable discourse, exactly? Donald Trump Jr.? Who would say it's even discourse? I mean, I have a hard time bringing myself to care about something like this, I think it's just speaks to the need to see themselves as a victim, that they're constantly being persecuted, the Trump people are constantly are having to point to the elites who are looking down on them."
So, it's Trump's fault. It's the deplorables' fault. Geddit? Forget that 11-year-old Barron Trump witnessed footage of the photo on the TV he was watching at the time and the stress caused to Melania Trump who had to comfort and re-assure her profoundly upset young son who believed that his father had been decapitated.
Chelsea Clinton, to her credit, condemned Griffin's vile, revolting stunt. Most of the liberals in the media, however? For them it was a case of, nothing to see here, folks, move along.
And here's just a taste of an exchange on CNN between contributor Dave Urban and former Obama administration loser Jen Psaki:
Urban: "I think we've got much bigger issues to focus on than Kathy Griffin.
Jen Pasaki:"Agreed with David. Tee-hee-hee."
You see, these people have to titter like airheads after every statement so that they connect with the imbeciles who watch them, believe them and hang on every word they say.
Now then ... The mainstream media certainly brought themselves to care and focused intently on the rodeo rider who wore an Obama mask. That's all he did. He wore a mask, a clean mask, a mask that had no fake blood smeared all over it. That was evidence of racism in America, you see. That needed wall-to-wall coverage because it said something deep about what kind of country we were. Lefties sure were bummed about that one.
Griffin's apology would have carried at least some modicum of weight if she had actually addressed President Trump. Rep. Gianforte recognized Ben Jacobs during his victory speech apology over Broken-Glassesgate. In fact, Griffin is so genuine in her apology that she hired a dirtbag liberal lawyer to announce in a press conference that she is the victim of "an older white guy" and that Trump "broke" her. By the way, was it really necessary for Griffin to point out that the President is white? If you're a petulant social justice warrior like her, then I suppose it is.
Speaking of social justice warriors, it appears we have a radical student takeover and potential hostage situation at Evergreen State College in the state of Washington. The college's president George Bridges is too much of a wimp to direct the police to take action, so I appeal to the President to override this and send in the National Guard. Arrest every single worthless piece of crap who disrespected the school with their whiny, Obama-style, race-obsessed, self-loathing/suicidal (as pertains to the majority white "students"), and violence-laced domestic terrorism—the modern-day Weather Underground, it would appear—expel them and deny them their diplomas. Can somebody—anybody—in this government of ours stop dicking around long enough to send a message to the anarchists at Evergreen strong enough to put the kibosh on all other potential protests?
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The incident at Kent State on May 4, 1970, in which four students were killed, was deeply, indubitably regrettable. And nobody should die in any quashing of radical student agitation these days. That is absolutely not what I am arguing for. Something has got to be done though, because here's the thing: Did we witness any further agitation anywhere after May 4, 1970? No, we didn't.
Mr. President, put Twitter away long enough to take back that school!

Postscript: Incidentally, various pundits have questioned why Melania Trump refused to wear a hijab in Saudi Arabia only to cover her face with a veil at the Vatican.
Folks, this is an easy one. You ain't gotta be Poirot to figure this one out. Mrs. Trump is the first Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. OK? She wasn't going to cover up in the name of a religion of peace that she wasn't an adherent to. But she was going to show respect in the holiest of sites for the religion that she does follow. Even, admittedly, in front a Pope who is a former bouncer and to the Left of Abbie Hoffman.
Was that honestly so difficult to work out?

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