Sunday, June 4, 2017

Terror on London Bridge: Society has fallen down

commercial photography locationsThis entry is being written in the aftermath of the latest Islamic terrorist attack—I call these things what they are as opposed to the government that purports to protect us. Eight are dead and forty-eight hospitalized after a ramming and stabbing attack at London Bridge yesterday evening.
I will bet anyone, right here, right now, that the perpetrators of this attack were known to the authorities.
But you see, it's not Islam's fault. It's Ramadan, after all, so you know all the fanatics chanting "allahu akbar" with their heads in each other's posteriors, are being good little worshipers. It's the van's fault. Time for vehicle control. I mean, we're already in the game of blaming inanimate objects, and not people, for innocent deaths and we've been doing it for years. According to this logic, this is the next step we clearly have to take.
The esteemed "mayor," Sadiq Khan, who not only prior to this said that terrorist attacks are simply part and parcel of living in a big city—perish the thought that we actually control who gets to walk free among us—but now that denizens of this city of London "should not be alarmed."
OK. Right. I'll just be calm until this happens yet again. I guarantee you that it will. Prime Minister Theresa May has said in response to this fresh slaughter that "enough is enough," but I don't know what that means. Does it mean 24/7 surveillance of mosques and internment of radical elements uncovered from said surveillance? Does it mean telling the E.U. to go screw itselfthat it doesn't matter if we're still part of it until 2019and implementing tough border control, Trump-style, immediately? (What's Europe going to do, kick us out?)
I cannot dedicate a whole entry to this kind of thing anymore, dear reader. I'm at a loss. What can I say that I haven't said dozens of times before over the years? What can I put in this blog that you can't already read on Breitbart or The Drudge Report? I don't want to just parrot the news. That's not what I do here.
If I thought the powers-that-be were reading this blog and prepared to take into careful consideration every word I wrote, that would be different. But it's becoming far too common. I can't type until my fingers are numb about a problem that keeps occurring and that no-one wants to do a damn thing about. It's not that I don't care; just, what's the point? 
Michael Savage has it right when he says that observing the hordes of cretinous, celebrity- and status-obsessed white people that make up our Western majorities can provide you with the ultimate answer and reason for why the U.S, U.K. and Europe are in the poor political conditions they are in and why they all face this constant Islamofascist terrorist threat. If most white males have a big-ass TV, a big-ass barbeque and a big-ass dick (or actively working to correct that), then life is just fine and dandy. Just keep watching sports and peeling yourself off the sofa to scratch yourself during the plethora of drug, beer and automobile commercials, dudes. If you're a white female, just sing and dance along the sidewalk with your friends, something I actually witnessed earlier today. As long as your nearest-and-dearest aren't affected, you have no reason to care, am I right? Can't let those terrorists win, even if they are!
I can tell you this: Geert Wilders is correct. Until everyone, in government and in society, is prepared to say that Islam is the problem and the sole reason why deadly attacks keep occurring, then nothing will change. That's it.
Either we remain profoundly stupid and ignorant and hog-tied by political correctness—or we grow up, stop electing total morons and complicit cowards like Sadiq Khan, and prepare to acknowledge reality. Aside from that, there is no more that can possibly be said.

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