Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karadzic and his brainless supporters do not represent Serbia

A recent news story reported that the pro-Karadzic rally in Belgrade planned by the Serbian nationalists did not draw as many people as expected.
There was footage on the news here of the riots, of literally toothless peckerheads with their arms around each other's shoulders and singing the Serbian national anthem.
I was beginning to regard the Serbs as being even further down the evolutionary scale than Southern (Fried) Baptists like Mike Huckabee. (And that's really saying something.) Earlier this year, I was appalled that Serbia did not acquiesce to Kosovo's legitimate reasons for independence.
But I must give Serbia and its people credit where it's due. Not all Serbs loathe Western Europe, the U.S. or NATO. Some Serbian citizens are indeed grateful to NATO for ridding their country of fascist madmen, for helping to avoid what could have been World War III.
The Serbian leadership itself is pro-West and is eager to coöperate with the European Union and America. And I don't believe for one moment that Boris Tadić is anything less of a patriot to his country simply because he desires integration into Europe and is complicit with sending Karadzic to The Hague.
It's easy to condemn the losers you see parading across the TV screen. It's another to say that the entire entity of Serbia must be that way. Certainly they have their fair share of thugs, but what country doesn't?
Serbia must have time to heal from their not entirely undeserved image as the tinderbox of the Balkans. Serbs must accept the reasons why this image of them exists and deal with it in a positive way.
It's sad to see anyone rallying in favor of a genocidal prick, but though these people are Serbian, they are not Serbia.

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