Sunday, July 20, 2008

An open letter to Barack Obama

Mr. Obama:
It's getting a bit ridiculous, isn't it?
First you tersely instruct the Republicans, "leave my wife alone" with regard to the fact that she may have said, "for the first time in my life, I'm proud of my country" and may have referred to people of Caucasian heritage as "whitey."
Now you're having a go at a literary magazine which satirized your image among right-wingers. When the New Yorker published a cartoon of you in Islamic garb pumping your fist at your wife Michelle in military fatigues with an American flag burning in the fire, they were making fun of the conservative image of you.
By reacting as you did to the New Yorker cartoon, you actually stuck up for conservatives, right-wingers and Republicans more than you did for yourself.
Attacking the New Yorker as you did, you essentially said, "Don't satirize me in any way because you will reveal to the world that I have no sense of humor."
Barack, seriously, you'd better toughen up, and, more than anything, you'd better learn who your friends are. The New Yorker is one of them. In publishing that cartoon, they were doing you a favor. It's too bad that you're so hot-wired that you failed to realize that.
You're not a dumb man, and I very much appreciate your commitment to the Afghanistan effort. But you have got to grow up if you want the presidency. You're 46, Mr. Obama, not 16, so get over the cheap shots and learn to recognize ironic humor when you come across it.
It's one thing that your policies scare the hell out of me, but your image should not.


kristen said...

If he thinks the insults and political cartoons are bad now, just wait 'til he's pres (actually, let's just hope that never happens). Suck it up Obama.

I think the cartoon is kinda funny.

The Ugly American said...

Have you seen the one of McCain done in Rolling Stone? Probably not, because McCain isn't a whiner!