Monday, January 25, 2010

Massachusetts ain't what it used to be

Well, dear reader, in case you're wondering, I am ecstatic about Scott Brown's win for the open Senate seat in my native Bay State. The Republican won 52 percent of the vote, beating state attorney general Martha Coakley and stunning Democrats in the process.
Barack Obama cannot any longer count on a Senate majority needed to sail his legislation through.
Even though Brown is an abortion supporter—as Northeast Republicans tend to be—he is adamantly against gay marriage, approves of waterboarding as a terrorist interrogation technique, and opposes fast-track asylum for illegal immigrants.
I am not a rabid Tea Party member, and no fan of Sarah Palin am I. I prefer my Republicans to use their brains or, to wit, possess one and not simply appeal to the "big families and guns" element of conservative society. It would be nice to know that if I vote for a conservative guy or gal, he or she will represent me a lot more meaningfully than trying to protect one's right to consume cigarettes and trans-fats. And actually being able to point to Afghanistan on a world map or a globe is always a plus too.
But I like what Scott Brown represents. He represents a crucial change of mood in notoriously liberal Massachusetts, and the Bay State could be a crucial test case for voters in other parts of the country. In other words, if Massachusetts voters are fed up, think what could that mean for traditional swing states like Ohio, Florida and Virginia. Does anyone think that Ohioans and Floridians are still mad on Obama? And we've already recently seen an open Senate seat in Virginia go to a Republican.
The Republican resurgence we're witnessing could put the brakes on the administration's quasi-socialist agenda.
It seems incredible that just one year after all the Messiah-mania, President Obama finds himself in an implausibly precarious situation. Just as I predicted, this man isn't turning out to be another Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman. He's resembling Jimmy Carter.


goddessdivine said...

I saw an clip of Obama who claimed that this win is due to voters' frustration for the "last eight years". So, they voted for a Republican because they're mad at Republicans. Right. Um, Brown basically ran an anti-Obama campaign; that's why he won!! Yeah; Obama's either delusional or he can't admit failure....or both. And I'm tired of him blaming Bush!!

At any rate, Brown's win is phenomenal, and I can't wait 'til more of these minions get turned out this fall.

yakkityyak said...

Reconciliation changes the way the game is played. Brown's win means nothing in the midst of that. Unfortunately for those who support Brown, the man is coming across more like an attention whore than a public official when he starts writing his memoirs. In any event...I doubt this is marking the resurgence of the the media the Republican has managed to destroy themselves and more often than not sold them selves as a party who at it's very core is obstructionist even through bills they wrote and support. Racist, by promoting events that is ridden with racist propaganda. Clueless, by saying that Obama is weak on terror and then at the next breath saying Obama is get rid of the bad guys too fast. In the end there is no win.