Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank goodness for global warming; I might feel too hot otherwise

As Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn recently wrote, "Whatever they agreed at Copenhagen to tackle 'global warming' has obviously worked. It hasn't stopped snowing since."
For more than a month now, we've had temperatures not going much above freezing point at midday and well into the 20s or lower at night. That may be par for the course for some folks in the winter, but for Britain to be this cold, for so long, on a consecutive basis, is highly unusual.
We've even had three—count 'em, three—snowstorms in the space of two weeks. Again, highly unusual for this part of the world.
Worse yet, there's no end to this Arctic blast in sight. The Met predicts that not only will we remain in the deep freeze for the foreseeable future, but that it might just get even worse. I actually believe them. When terrible, soul-stabbing weather is on the cards, such as endless grey skies, floods or cold so severe that your feet never quite warm up, they couldn't be more right. Whenever they predict beautiful conditions, such as the "barbecue summer" and the "mild winter" they previously promised us, they couldn't fall on their faces any flatter.
As Littlejohn wrote, these guys can hardly get the weather right from one day to the next—or, as I see it, they're only right when the forecast is horrible—yet we're expected to believe that their forecast for 50 years from now is completely accurate?
I know that it's difficult and a lot less straightforward to predict the weather in an oceanic climate such as Britain's as opposed to a continental climate like most of my native North America. But the Met Office's predictions are becoming parodies of themselves. I can hardly wait to hear their prediction for this coming summer. If they say it will be hot and sunny, it'll be crap. If they say it will be crap, it'll be crap. The summer is going to be garbage—and we all know it—no matter what the British weathermen say.
And yet, in the midst of the Northern Hempishere's latest ice age, and with no real summer to look forward to as compensation for it, I'm expected to heed warnings about out-of-control global warming? This has to be the least funny joke I've ever heard.
You know why the Met Office loves to predict broiling summers and mild winters? Because, on the one-in-15 billion chance that they'd have guessed correctly, it would, in their minds, justify the global warming doomsday scenario of which they're such devotees. The Met would get all smug and start treating us to thinly disguised lectures along the lines of "I told you so" with every daily (and nightly) forecast.
As Littlejohn wrote, the Met Office "is little more than a full-time government-funded global warming pressure group." They don't enjoy seeing the sort of weather that the rest of us would enjoy immensely not coming to pass. Because, if we're all shivering—be it in the winter or the summer—then that means that the average citizen just might conclude that "global warming" is a farce, an excuse to tax us into oblivion, or—at the very least—a story with a heavily biased slant.
Let me tell you, if we start getting incredibly warm weather that goes largely unbroken from April straight through to November, year after year, then I may start to believe in global warming. But, I assure you, not a moment before then. I do believe the Earth is going through some climactic changes, but I just don't buy into this doomsday scenario. The biggest climate concern is the climate of fear that we're having pushed upon us relentlessly.
Now, if you'll excuse me, dear reader, I need to go put some gloves on. My hands have only been uncovered for about three minutes ...


goddessdivine said...

Amen. Global warming is the biggest scam to hit this century. The only warming going on is in Al Gore and his ilk's heads, as their egos are writing checks we civilians can't cash.

Our temps this winter have been chillier than usual. And don't you love the fact that Obama had to flew the WH earlier than planned because of a HUGE snow storm set to hit Virginia....only to go to a place with blistering temps and inches upon inches of snow? What a joke.

This would be more laughable if they weren't wasting billions of tax dollars on this nonsense. Makes my blood boil.

dennis hodgson said...

Don't believe everything you read in the Daily Mail.

Correction: don't believe anything you read in the Daily Mail.