Sunday, March 13, 2011

The latest sordid tale from National Public Radio

Oh dear, Ron Schiller.
If you thought National Public Radio screwed up in their unwarranted firing of civil rights supporter Juan Williams for daring to say what we all think, dear reader, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Schiller, NPR's vice president of development, was the recent victim of a conservative-inspired prank (commentator James O'Keefe was the perpetrator) in which he met with two men posing as members of the Muslim Brotherhood at a Washington D.C. cafe. When the fake Muslims brought up the subject of Zionists funding the media and how they wanted to donate to NPR because it was free from such influence, Schiller responded that, unlike newspapers, where the influence is "obvious," NPR was owned by no-one.
Schiller did not go off on a grotesquely anti-Semitic rant. Instead, he ranted against those racist whites in the Tea Party movement. But having accepted the slur uttered by these supposed Islamists and responding that NPR answers to no-one, it's clear that he buys into the liberal smears against those dreaded Jews controlling our media. Schiller also backed up his colleague Betsy Liley by saying that while the American Jewish World Service may be supportive of NPR, "many Jewish organizations are not."
Does Schiller actually believe that Zionists control the media or was he just taking advantage of the potential offer of $5 million from these "Muslims"? (It seems that Schiller's opinions of Muslims are none too dignified either if he was so easily fooled by their act.)
Ron Schiller resigned, while the station's CEO, Vivian Schiller (no relation), was ousted by NPR's Board of Directors.
I wish I could believe that this was the end of it, that these wingnuts won't simply be replaced by equally horrible leftists who will be more cautious with their prejudices. The fact of the matter is, NPR could easily stand for "National Palestinian Radio," and Schiller, by acting as a fundraiser for the station, doesn't appear to mind how shariaists are so often presented in a sympathetic limelight.
Here's the real catch: Schiller is gay. He has a partner by the name of Alan Fletcher.
Now then, I have no doubt that Schiller decries homophobia, but only as practiced by straight white guys in Western societies. He must know how homosexuals are dealt with under sharia law. They are executed in any number of inventive ways. But somehow, it must be alright, because this is a penalty carried out by the "religion of peace." The straight white guys in the Tea Party are the real danger! What do tortured and dead homosexuals in Afghanistan or Pakistan matter? We have far worse homophobia in America. Those Tea Party rabble-rousers all support "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Oh, the horror.
Schiller reminds me of these hippies who listen to Jamaican dance hall music, thinking that certifies their liberal-left credentials, and completely unaware—or, more likely, conveniently ignoring the fact—that the accompanying lyrics are wildly anti-gay.
Honestly, I don't know which bothers me more about this latest sordid tale from NPR: The liberal kowtowing, or the blatant hypocrisy, on so many levels, behind it.


goddessdivine said...

Oh NPR. I hope that "news" organization is defunded by the taxpayers. And soon. What a joke.

Nightdragon said...

NPR produced some excellent jazz profile podcasts that I recently listened to and enjoyed. Their non-political stuff is quite good. But I can live without it if they go under from lack of taxpayer funding. They just don't have a clue when it comes to their endless proselytizing and the lengths to which they will go to defend it.

rocslinger said...

NPR will do quite well without public funding. They have some very marketable programing and I agree with you that their non-political stuff is quite good.

Nightdragon said...

Hi Roc. I think it's a bit sad that all the intelligence that goes into their non-political work is wasted every time they speak (and act) on socio-political matters.