Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Milking it, the sequel

My wife took a poke at me regarding the issue of human breast milk ice cream. Just click these purple words to read her counterpoint.
To be fair, she has a point. It's a free society in which unique business ideas should be given a chance for success, as long as they are legal. Westminster Council, the authorities who removed the "Baby Gaga" ice cream, had it tested, found it to be safe, and returned it to the ice cream parlour in question.
Nevertheless, my personal antipathy toward this product remains unchanged. I still think the inventor of this unorthodox dessert is a nutjob, and that it appeals mostly to guys who use only two words throughout their workday—"jackhammer" and "oogah!"—as well as the "crunchy granola" crowd that Squirrel mentioned. Interesting bedfellows. I'll leave them to it.


rocslinger said...

Sorry, I have to give this round to your wife. I'm with you on not wanting any though I think she's right about the clientele.

Nightdragon said...

That's OK, Roc. If it's safe, then let the hippies have at it. It's refreshing to know you wouldn't be lining up for a bowl of it yourself.