Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Black-only nation? Bring it on!

I do believe that I have officially had it with America. If groups such as La Raza, the New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) are free to establish a cottage industry based on domestic terrorism and no-one is prepared to do a damn thing about it, then I can truly say I'm disinterested about the U.S.A's fate.
Through complacence, through a willingness to believe what the media tells them, through being misled by the double-talk of the current President, the American people will deservedly suffer. I'm tired of putting all my energy into worrying about the actions of Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) and the New Black Panthers and every other SDS-style, university-born organization of thugs when all I see are normal people shrugging their shoulders and thinking that government will eventutally sort things out and make it right.
Pass the mac'n'cheese and the remote. The only thing that matters is Orange is the New Black. It helps take one's mind off the guilt of having a good home in a good neighborhood with good food, don'tcha know. We know we're bad people because the President and these organizations tell us that we have all the privilege and that we misappropriate the culture of the oppressed.
The country has a population who believes these aforementioned terrorist entities are legitimate civil rights organizations and jump to conclusions about the nature of some shootings. People don't get shot by the police for no reason; there is always something that precipitates it. I don't put on the uniform and the badge every day and chances are great that neither do you, dear reader. We don't know the full extent of these cases, but we have a government/media complex that isn't the slightest bit interested in doing the research and identifying the facts.
Why, oh why, did people at the service for the five DPD officers, who were killed by a black racist, who rushed toward the source of bullets in an attempt to protect the rabble who were bashing them, applaud for this so-called President when he treated the event as yet another opportunity to lecture on "systemic racism"? The man gets away with offensive remarks and speeches, time and time again, but all we keep doing is cheering him and pretending that he's such a great intuitive leader who has all our best interests at heart.
Are Americans that profoundly stupid? Or are we just cowed, too weak from having been hit ceaselessly by this administration and knowing we won't win no matter how much we speak up?
Let me address the police shootings that so enraged the living sack of garbage known as Micha X. In the case of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, the police suspected that he was trying to reach around to his back pocket for a handgun. Tasering him didn't work. He kept trying to reach for a possible gun, and according to witnesses before the incident, the general consensus was that he did possess one. He wasn't taken down because he was black or because he was selling CDs on the street corner. Sterling had police approach him because he had, according to the same witnesses, been acting aggressive.
And guess what? It's come out now that Sterling was a sex offender and had a entire rap sheet, including aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, possession of drugs with intent to distribute and illegal possession of a weapon with a controlled dangerous substance. Sterling had previously served five years for drug-related activity.
In the case of Philando Castile in St. Paul, he had warned the officer—who, according to Castile's girlfriend, was "Chinese," as if that means or should mean anything—that he had a legal firearm, as he was supposed to do. However, the officer had instructed him not to reach for his ID and yet Castile still moved in such a way as to elicit a response. The officer reacted. Blame poor training by the relevant police academy for the officer's panic if you want, but I highly doubt an "Asian" officer shot a black guy because of his race.
It turns out that Castile was a suspect in a recent robbery. That's why he was pulled over. It was not for a busted tail-light as claimed by his beau, the female Geraldo Rivera wannabe. Castile may have done the right thing in warning officers that he had a gun, but he should have listened when told not to reach for anything. The officer, Jeronimo Yanez, a Hispanic and not an Asian, acted in what he determined was self-defense.
A tangent if I may: Who starts filming a reality TV-style documentary when their loved one is dying? The girlfriend was livestreaming Castile's death?
This case demonstrates to me—and I am sure I am not alone in this—just how persuasive and ultimately destructive social media has become. Public relations and business magazines constantly trumpet the line that social media has unleashed valuable avenues of outreach and of education—however dubious—nationwide and globally. It rarely gets mentioned how to contain the darker elements to the phenomenon.
Now I realize that blogging is part of the social media sphere. Mere mortals, everyday people, like myself who love to write and have something to say on a regular basis used to have to rely on newspapers or magazines. You could get a column if you were deemed worthy enough (a.k.a. had kissed enough asses), but it would be subject to their standards. Well, I have a message for the media: I have standards too, and they don't line up with yours. Therefore, sites like Diaryland, where I started in 2001, and Blogger, the haven for my ruminations for nearly nine years now, are resources I was only too eager to tap into and am grateful for.
The question is, where do you draw the line? Can the line even be drawn? We don't know, and certainly Facebook and Twitter haven't exactly been leading the way on the issue. They clamp down on conservative news or opinion but staunchly defend every extremist radical terrorist if it can be argued that they are in any way victims of oppressive white society. We need investigations into both of these shootings. We need the truth, and if these cops acted inappropriately, they will be punished with fines, with possible jail, certainly with the loss of their occupations.
Never mind any of this, though, because it doesn't fit the narrative that cops are pigs who need to "fry like bacon," and that white people are evil, appropriate obscene amounts of privilege only to themselves and need to be systemically, methodically killed off.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a white Republican, joined Van Jones, a black liberal commentator, to tape a Facebook video. In it, Mr. Gingrich said that "if you are a normal, white American, the truth is you don't understand being black in America and you instinctively underestimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk." Really, Gingrich? You phony. Mr. Trump, please don't pick this boob as your veep.
So what about Dylan Noble? Not that long ago, on June 25, the white 19-year-old was fatally shot by Fresno police. Noble, according to reports, had made the same mistake as Castile, by motioning in such a way as to prompt action. But where's the media? If police brutality is the problem, why isn't the execution of Noble by law enforcement getting any constant play? The killings of Sterling and Castile can be looped endlessly, but Noble got consigned to a cold position six feet underground without causing even the slightest hiccup to the news cycle.
Again, it defies the narrative. There's no money to be made in the questionable death of a young white man. "Well, the policemen in Fresno feared for their lives, they didn't know what Noble was up to," is the predictable response by the average American. OK, why isn't that the case for Sterling and Castile, whose actions prior to their own killings were equally contentious?
The New Black Panthers have said that they will be armed during their protests at the Republican convention in Cleveland. The party's leader, Hashim Nzinga, said, "If it is an open state to carry, we will exercise our Second Amendment rights because there are other groups threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us." This must be the only instance in which a domestic terrorist group borne of the New Left has ever cared about anything in the Constitution. The God-given right to self-defense protected by the Bill of Rights, drafted by 18th century white men, suddenly means something to them. Amazing.
The "defense minister" for the New Black Panthers, Babu Omowale, has said that his organization wants the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina to exist as a radical, socialist Black state, a nation within a nation. Omowale told Breitbart reporter Aaron Klein, "We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it's not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country."
I think it's a brilliant idea. I hereby give my total assent and approval to it. I back it 110 percent. The U.S. will take in the white people that Omowale is correct in saying will "move out". I sure as fuck would too. Have these states that Lincoln fought to free from slavery, go ahead. Reverse Martin Luther King's dream of color-blindness and of total integration into American society where race would not be seen, only merit. Fine. The hell with segregated policing, as endorsed by Houston city council member Dwight Boykins. That has already been tried, in places like Washington D.C., where black policemen in black neighborhoods are called "oreos" and "Uncle Toms." It will not work.
This "cracker" has had enough. Have at it, Black Panthers. You can count on my support. I will not beg you to stay; that's how little your presence means to me. And, even better, you can recruit all the deadbeat minorities in the U.K. to be a part of your new state too. I'm sure you won't turn them away from your black homeland. Two solutions for the price of one! I love it. And La Raza can have California as well. Who wants it, it's already a third-world basket case.
Maybe then, at long last, I and the 65 percent of the rest of the country that is Caucasian, will be free from your welfare payments, your cries of victimhood and charges that we're sucking all the opportunities from you because of our insufferable privilege. No more ghettos. Gun crime will plummet.
There is a way to save America. Babu Omowale's proposal is it. The only drawback I can see is that when it does become the new Liberia, the new Haiti, as of course it inevitably will, we will have to let these modern-day confederates back in and engage in yet another Reconstruction. But at least then, finally, African-Americans may be grateful for the goodness and richness and opportunities that America provides for them, if only they would apply themselves.

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