Sunday, July 3, 2016

They'll find some way of going after "cupcake" next

Were you aware that the word for a popular snack—"brownie"—is racist, mes amis? Oh yes, it must be, because staff at a New Jersey elementary school said it was.
Concerns were raised after a nine-year-old mentioned the word "brownie" at a third-grade party at the William P. Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood. Another pupil who overheard the word accused the boy of racism, but he was simply referring to the chocolatey baked good, just like the ones that the school provided for the end-of-year class event.
Staff at the school contacted the police. According to the child's mother, Stacy Dos Santos, as reported in The Philadelphia Enquirer, "there was a police officer with a gun in his holster talking to my son, and saying, 'Tell me what you said.' He [the boy] didn't have anybody on his side."
The Daily Mail reports:
The incident has outraged some parents who believe police are being called too frequently into classrooms to resolve disputes that should be left to teachers. Collingswood Superintendent Scott Oswald estimated that over the past month, police were called to as many as five incidents per day across the district of 1,875 students. Nationwide, many people have raised concerns over the increasing presence of police in schools, particularly in the form of School Resource Officers.
Matt Agorist of The Free Thought Project offers a striking analogy between young pupils and jailbirds:
It seems that schools in America are starting to more closely resemble prisons than learning facilities. Think about it—children are locked in behind steel doors all day long as armed agents of the state patrol the grounds. A few minutes out of the day, the students are given a little yard time—and again, they are kept under the watch of armed state agents.
The boy's father was contacted about the whole incident, which the police referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency. As Mark Levin noted, "hearing a nine-year-old talking about snacks definitely makes you wonder how he could possibly be safe living in a home with people who raised him to behave that way." The child was also instructed to stay home from his last day of third grade.
Consider the boy's last name: Dos Santos. It's Portuguese. Are the Portuguese or Brazilians not Latinos? If they're not, then just what are they? The language and those who speak it originated on the Iberian Peninsula, same as with the Spanish. Brazil, if that is indeed where the boy's family's ancestors hail from, has the same sort of demographics as Central or South American Spanish-speaking countries. This is not difficult to work out if you possess even a rough understanding of geography.
Unfortunately, a change to another public school for the boy might not change anything. During a May 25 school district meeting, both school officials and the police, with representatives from the county prosecutor's office present, were instructed that every single instance of name-calling, that any act or statement that, no matter how flimsy, could be regarded as racist, should be reported to the police as well as the aforementioned child protection agency.
This reflects, in my humble opinion, what is occurring with our nation's security and the agency entrusted to it, The Department of Homeland Security. That department's head, Jeh Johnson, was recently grilled by Senator Ted Cruz—remember him, anyone? I guess the existence of much more important stuff like Snapchat, NBA championship games and America's Got Talent can erase him from one's memory banks. 
To fill you in, Cruz asked Johnson, at a Senate Juidiciary Committe hearing, why the authority in charge of our safety and security were cutting out references to jihad and Allah and Islam from government documents. When Cruz referred to Phil Haney, the former DHS employee who blew the whistle on the Obama administration's efforts to tie law enforcement and was involved in efforts to cover up instances of radical Islamic terrorism, Johnson responded, "I don't know who Mr. Haney is. I wouldn't know him if he walked in the room."
A government that won't allow terms that definitively point to radical, jihad-inspired Islamic terror in its documents. A boy who was put through the ringer for saying "brownie". It points to the same disease that has infected the minds of the body politic. Don't say this, don't refer to that. You'll get a cop's gun in your face, you'll pay a fine, you'll be under house arrest, you'll serve some jail time. As the Soviets might have said, Ne vystupayut protiv revolyutsii, tovarishch!  Don't oppose the revolution, comrade!
Liberals, tell me again how we're not living under a dictatorship, in which it's possible that elementary school officials will traumatize a third-grader by refusing to believe him when he defends himself and referring this incident of non-existent racism to law enforcement who, in turn, contacts the state's child protection agency? This is what eight years of Barack Hussein Obama has done to the once-great nation of the United States of America. Everyone is hyper-sensitive to any instance of perceived offense, no matter how ridiculous.
Please tell me how this incident is simply anecdotal, inform me how I'm just a reactionary wingnut for bringing this up. I'd like to know.
I wonder what kind of Fourth of July the Dos Santos family of Collingswood, New Jersey are going to have. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they completely ignored it.
Better go check those burgers on the grill, dear reader. Watch those pretty fireworks and celebrate your "land of the free". Yep, yep. 

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