Friday, July 1, 2016

Independence Day state of the nation

So, did you hear the one about a former President who, while at an airport, just happened to run into the current Attorney General, whose Department of Justice is allegedly investigating said President's wife, and did not discuss anything of consequence related to that? They discussed grandchildren and golf. They felt the need to engage in small talk such that they conducted a friendly chinwag not on the AG's plane, not on the former President's plane, but on a third "neutral" plane.
The media, of course, believed every word that the AG said with regard to the ostensibly untoward conversation and did not lead with the story. Their message, as it always is with regard to the current Government and everything connected to/with it, was nothing to see here, move along.
This is the same Department of Justice, wouldn't you know it, that seeks to delay the American people's ability to see the e-mails between the former President's wife's aides and the "foundation" established in his name that collects money from rogue regimes, and whose unofficial motto has been, "No price is too high for the sale of national secrets or resources."
Dear reader, you must also be aware that there is a legislative body known as Congress that, under the Constitution, exists as a check on the President's power, controls the purse-strings and has the ability to launch investigations into misbehaviors and misdeeds. Yet, it has given away the store to the executive not just once but twice and whatever investigations into unlawful behavior—which in one instance cost the lives of four Americans—it has set into motion have been conducted by paper tigers.
Even better, the leader of the Central Intelligence Agency cites climate change as a matter of pressing concern. The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations says, in the wake of the slaughter of forty-nine people by a jihadist who was known to them but let off the hook, that his agency's work in combating terror could not have been better, and the Secretary of Defense cites the openness of the military to transgenders as proof of the country's strength and resolve.
The current President has used executive orders to bring about an invasion of the country by drug lords, gang-bangers and radical Islamists, to allow for government control of the country's infrastructure including transportation and energy, to transform "too white" suburbs by relocating poorer segments of the population into them, and to chip significant chunks out of the bedrock of the Second Amendment. Congress has fought him on absolutely none of this.
What Congress did do was allow a 26-hour sit-in by Democrats on the House floor who were fueled by memories of the '60s Civil Rights era, as well as by pizza and Starbucks coffee, believing they were heroes for demanding that people be denied protection without recourse just because the Government says so. The Government considers anyone who even once attended a Tea Party rally to be a potential terrorist. Not once does anyone in the media posit that if only the FBI and ICE and other authorities were not shackled the way that they are, and if only terrorists weren't free to plan mass carnage while in the midst of our society, then there would be not much of a need for a "no fly, no buy" list. Seriously, these same people we don't trust to be on a plane are walking the streets? Is there anyone other than Democrats who thinks this constitutes "common sense" policy?
Congress talks a good game about the need to prevent government shut-downs, but when push comes to temper-tantrums, the Speaker of the House folds like a cheap tent. This same pushover, though, tells all and sundry that he is considering a run for the Presidency in 2020. This same dolt threatens a potential President with a lawsuit for one of his suggested policies, but hasn't sued the current President on any number of his executive overreaches.
Are you laughing yet, dear reader? No, nor am I.
When asked about gun control by a reporter, a Congressman by the name of Charlie Rangel, who hasn't paid his taxes, who has embezzled money, who hasn't explained the purposes behind his villa in the Dominican Republic, as investigated by the Ethics Committee, said that he saw no reason why the constituents of his New York City district should have guns. When asked by the reporter why he and other politicians could have the protection of armed guards, Rangel laughed contemptuously and opined, "Well, that's a little different. I think we deserve ... I think we need to be protected down here." In other words, Rangle is saying, the sheeple can be at the mercy of the wolves, but I and my fellow crooks deserve protection because we're so wonderful.
In other news, people in Britain voted by 52 percent in a fair and democratic referendum to free their nation from an ungovernable central bureaucracy and the global elites are plotting to reverse the result. Those who are anti-Brexit and anti-Trump talk darkly about "xenophobia" and that the voice of the people represents extremism becoming mainstream. The President delivers a rambling soliloquy about how his establishment credentials equal true populism and that our real enemy is climate change. The Secretary of State opines that the terrorist attack at Istanbul Airport that killed 44 proves that ISIS is desperate and knows it is losing.
The same people who believe in tolerance, diversity, being good global citizens and climate change, those who would answer "yes" if someone asked them if they were passionate about the environment, did the following to a park in San Francisco after a "Pride" event:

And, in case you haven't noticed, for the first time in American history, a presidential nominee has to fight a war on three fronts: Against the opposition party that lies, a media complex that covers up for the opposition party, and his own party, that alleges that the nominee is an intolerable bigot because he wants a temporary ban on those coming into the country who could potentially cause trouble, as in slaughtering citizens with bombs, hunting knives and scary "assault weapons" that go ratta-tatta-tatta, and because he called out a judge for having provable links to the Mexican superiority organization, La Raza.
Republicans call this presidential nominee out for these insufferable moral crimes while giving aid and comfort to the other party's nominee who:
  • flunked the DC bar exam
  • was removed from her first major job as a staffer on the House Judiciary Committee for being incompetent
  • was complicit in the Whitewater scandal in which people's property was confiscated
  • lied about dodging sniper fire at Tuzla, Bosnia
  • stole plates, furniture and artwork from the White House upon leaving it
  • covered up the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, blamed a video, misled grieving families, and angrily asked at the investigatory Senate hearing, "what difference does it make?"
  • ignored security procedures at the Secretary of State office and broke rules for handling national security information
  • amassed a big fortune through speaking engagements, which she refuses to disclose
  • accepted donations to the Clinton Foundation from countries with very repressive regimes that are not friendly to women or gays
  • has consistently blamed a "right-wing conspiracy" for pointing out her foibles and exposing her (and husband Bill)
  • is married to the aforementioned Bill Clinton, a serial rapist/sexual assaulter, covering up for him, and using him to get a Senate seat, the position of Secretary of State and the Democrat party nominee status through a rigged system in line with her modus operandi.
Grandstanders like fifth columnist George Will whine that they had no choice but to leave the GOP due to the aforementioned turpitude of their party's nominee, one Donald Trump, but seem oblivious to the fact that supporters of the nominee are only-too-eagerly advising them to not let the door hit them on their vaginas on the way out.
Happy Fourth of July. You can go back to your cookout now.

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