Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Conservatives must answer the call to make America great again

You know it has to be pretty awful for the Democrats when the man the party stole the primaries from, and who couldn't leave the party fast enough to become an Independent again when Madame Mao lost, recently opined: "I come from the white working-class. And I'm deeply humiliated that the Democrat party cannot talk to the people where I came from."
This is a socialist speaking. He is, of course, Bernie Sanders.
Sanders has correctly identified the obvious problem for the Democratic party in that, under Barry Obama's risible leadership, the government, the media, the courts and the La-La Land of Academia has espoused and encompassed anti-white sentiment.
The desire to kill policemen—white policeman especially and in particular—and the demonization of white people as "bitter clingers," attached to fundamentalist Christianity (fundamentalist Islam would be just dandy) who want to enslave blacks, females and gay people and who knock the hijabs off Muslim women, didn't occur in a vacuum. All the campus discussions of white people having to recognize and check their "privilege" and the vicious beating of "crackers" by victimhood-embracing thugs nationwide did not happen spontaneously. That was organized.
A washed-up has-been of a pissant NFL quarterback decided to protest the nation that allowed a no-talent garbage can in a human form like him to make $19 million a year, and he dragged other malcontents in the league into the anti-police fray with him. This doesn't happen in a country that has not been turned upside down by a Community Disorganizer-in-Chief. 
It is hard to know whether or not this is the real B.H.O. or if he was merely a tool of the evil billionaire George Soros, who depends on a destabilized America so he can implement through its soul-selling politicians a Western Hemispheric bloc of completely open trade and open borders and who will get even more cash to stuff in his mattress when the dollar crashes. Certainly Obama has been a gentleman in his meeting with Trump. But the whole Jeremiah Wright story from nearly a decade ago is hard to ignore. This current president sat in the pews of a black power church listening to Wright scream, "God damn America!" And he did so for over twenty years. Let's just say Soros didn't have to twist the Dear Leader's arm in embracing this poison.
His rumpswab Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist and former White House Council on Environmental Quality lackey, can talk to the darling little snowflakes that they are their own gods and that they don't gotta listen to adults, yet none of these precious young minds could think to say in response, "Well, if that's true, get the hell off the stage and leave us alone, old man!"
Now this same man proposes that Donald Trump's presidential win represents a "whitelash." So, what exactly were the past eight years, Van? A "blacklash?" (HATE SPEECH! HATE SPEECH! HATE SPEECH!)
Mes amis, Hillary "Rotten" Clinton lost because she was the most corrupt candidate for the presidency ever. That barely living pantsuit made Warren Harding, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Baines Johnson look like choirboys. And what did Nixon do, when you get down to the very essence of it? He had underlings break into the Democratic National Party headquarters. I guess this was pretty bad for 1972. But do you know what Nixon did not do? He didn't sell state secrets or uranium reserves to prop up a slush fund of his. He didn't mishandle classified material. He didn't sweet talk some of the world's most repressive countries for cash donations. He didn't have his campaign chairman approach the FBI with a quid pro quo deal to declassify classified materials. And Nixon didn't leave US diplomats and officials twisting in the wind in a foreign land during a brutal, fatal attack and cover it up by saying, "Well, that's what you get when you release provocative videos!"
So, forgive me when I say to liberals, shut the hell up over Nixon already. Your candidate would have embarrassed the pond scum she is related to if only it was sentient.
The Democrats have proven, in recent days, to have not learned one thing from this election by proposing, through the likely Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, that Representative Keith Ellison become the new Democratic Party Committee chairman. Another Leftie with racial grievances and who will be the Council on American-Islamic Relations' best friend because he is, alas, a Muslim. Allow me to draw a parallel to the U.K.'s Labour party who proposed replacing one screwball, Jeremy Corbyn, with an even screwier one in the form of Owen Smith during the party's leadership contest earlier this year.
What Labour in Britain and the Democrats in America have to ask themselves is this: Where is the market for the far-Left? Oh, they stir things up so people can think of themselves as members of an aggrieved minority of some sort instead of individuals free to make up their own minds. Sure, they bring in migrants by the truckloads to offset the votes of the uneducated, hick inbreds—otherwise known as ordinary white people who work hard or wish they could be working hard save for the fact that there are no jobs for them.
Ah, just let the bums have their cider and their cannabis, eh? What do we care? They're just white folks, right? We have better things to do such as processing whole armies of young Muslim men across our borders because they're innocent little refugee lambs. We have to prepare for World War III because Russia hacks our elections and they must pay a price for bombing the radical Islamists in Aleppo. Hey, who said "radical Islamists"? You must be punished for that transgression. Don't trigger us!
Still, where is the majority for whom the far Left appeals? Marine Le Pen is presenting a serious challenge for the French presidency, Merkel's Chancellorship in Germany is threatened, the Northern League and the Five-Star Movement are growing in popularity in Italy. Viktor Orban in Hungary is influencing policy across Eastern Europe, Brexit was passed by voters in the U.K. and Trump is going to be President. Where's the mass market for the globalists and the socialists? 
For you Lefties, and you pseudo-conservatives who voted for Egg McMuffin or the pot-head, let's examine what allowed Donald Trump to ascend to the Oval Office on January 20 and see if you can comprehend it. At least try. Here we go: 

  • People have children, and they worry about their futures.
  • Common Core is destroying the education of their children.
  • People of all age groups are facing a lack of jobs and very little opportunities open to them.
  • The country has a debt of $20 trillion.
  • The increasing presence of jihadists in the country coupled with the Ford Hood, San Bernadino, Orlando, Moore, OK and other attacks, means people can't go to the mall or any sort of public gathering without worrying about being killed.
  • ISIS is rampaging across the Middle East and here in America, and illegal aliens are flooding the country.
  • Congress is dysfunctional.
  • The country is increasingly lawless, with riots in downtown streets all over the nation with little to nothing being done to control them.

On November 8, the electorate voted to put Donald Trump in the Presidency to fix these problems, many of which didn't exist before Obama's occupation of the White House.
I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again: Donald Trump is not perfect. He's a man. I have never exalted him to the status of a messiah as the Obamabots did for their guy and I won't. Listening to the Hillary supporters, the esteemed Mrs. Clinton never did any wrong, simply wanted to do good for the country and was being demonized and slandered because she was a woman. The Left loved "Saint" Hillary.
I have no expectations of Trump other than for the things I supported him for. Build that wall and let Border Control and ICE do their jobs to the full extent of the law. Crack down on riots and crime. Repeal and replace Obamacare. Protect the Constitution. Nominate solid conservatives to the Supreme Court. Rip up the Iran nuclear deal. Ramp up domestic energy production to the hilt and sign a deal with Canada for the Keystone Pipeline and tell the Saudis to eat camel poop. Institute an energy policy that does not revolve around the fantasy that is "Climate Change." Renegotiate NAFTA and reject TPP. And end all this asinine saber-rattling with Russia and work with Putin to decimate ISIS and turn Raqqa into a glass parking lot.
Come together, conservatives, and let's not let these Establishment types and especially the Left off the hook. It's payback time. This is no time for reconciliation with our enemies. I'm not saying curb-stomp them. Just put them in a position where they will be pot-bound. We can never—never—allow the country to hang from a thread like we did with this election.
Watch your elected representatives and hold them to account. Stop telling us that corporate-whore putzes like Paul Ryan are the future of conservatism. Stop idolizing the GOP and start holding their feet to the fire. Help this administration out through pure people power. If the Left can do it, so can we.
The nation needs you, conservatives. Are you going to answer the call?

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