Saturday, November 5, 2016

'Never Trumpsters' need to be 'Never Hillary' on November 8

This is likely to be the last entry I write before what will be a truly historic U.S. election regardless of the way it goes. Conservatives, patriots and true libertarians can only hope that it breaks one way, and one way decisively.
Don't kid yourselves that you have a choice. You do not. It is Donald J. Trump or bust. If you doubt this, I don't know what can be done for you. Barry Obama has not been "just another Democrat". Hillary Clinton with absolute certainty is not. This is not a mere liberal-versus-conservative contest. It is much more than that. It is Stalin versus Roosevelt. Reagan versus Gorbachev. Chiang Ki Shek versus Mao Zedong.
Do not give me this argument that voting for Hillary is actually placing an "X" in the box next to her name. Ladies and gentleman, that has to be one of the most pusillanimous differences of opinion I have ever heard in my 46 (nearly 47) years of life. It's this simple: If you vote for the pot-head or the chrome dome, you will be taking votes away from Trump. By proxy, you will be voting for Hillary Clinton. Got that? Now, my little temper tantrum-throwing Never Trumpsters, let's examine what the expression "by proxy" means. One definition is the giving of authority to someone in place of another. If vote "B" takes away from vote "A," legitimacy will ultimately be conferred onto vote "C".
Do you think for one moment Madame "Stinky Retard" Mao will acknowledge the votes for Johnson or McMullen that helped her to get elected, if such a nightmare is meant to be? No, she and the Democrats will have a "mandate". You people cannot be this dim.
Trump is not a true conservative, many of you moan. Look, I admire your principles—but what good are those principles when they will be entirely defunct under the hag in the pantsuit's administration? If you identify as a conservative, whatever that means to you, if you identify as a Republican, even if it's of the garden-variety, feckless, cowardly type that thinks a government shutdown is the worst scenario to ever befall the country, even through there were eight of them during the Reagan administration. And, golly gee, all I ever hear is "Trump is no Reagan". Hillary will target you as well as those on the Trump bandwagon. You, dear voter, will be giving her way too much credit if you think she will not and that is bewildering to me.
Trump is a bully, I hear you belly-ache. Listen to me. Can he possibly be any worse than the "sorority girls and college boys" that Michael Savage refers to, the acolytes in the Obama government, who bullied their way through academia and lower-level government positions to get to where they are? People like senator Elizabeth Warren who claimed non-existent Native American heritage so she could rise above all the other white people who weren't as "clever" as she was and who carpetbagged from Oklahoma to Massachusetts, a state she knew oh-so-much about that she reckoned there was a coastline along the Western half of the state.
Do you really think Mr. Trump is more of a brow-beater, antagonizer and intimidator than the batshit-crazy feminists, the radical Islamists and the Jonathan Gruber-like nerds-from-hell that currently infest this land? Because under Hillary Clinton, they're not going anywhere! Do not tell me this is a straw-man argument. You know better than that. If you don't recognize that very basic, simple fact, then you have no business voting. In fact, you need to disappear for a little while to get your head straight.
Let's not BS each other. We all know what's at stake. We conservatives have had to swallow the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney the past two elections. There would be no Trump if establishment Republicans even came close to acting like an opposition. We'd be so much better off under a John Kasich, a Lindsey Graham or the third Bush, what's-his-name? The one with the exclamation point—y'know, him. He's so inconsequential I've forgotten what's he's called. Doesn't matter, does it? None of these so-called men are coming to rescue you and your fabulous go-along-to-get-along Grand Old Party. Ted Cruz has honored the pledge and patched up differences with Trump. Erick Erickson has seen the light and, as such, deserves credit. Erickson wrote on September 21:
In short, I see the election of Hillary Clinton as the antithesis of all my values and ideas on what fosters sound civil society in this country. Further, she should be in jail. 
At least with Trump we might, might, get a better Supreme Court. We might get better cabinet picks. In fact, in terms of my view of the country the odds are pretty great that my side has a greater chance of prevailing with Trump than Clinton. What most would identify as my side would have control of the Executive Branch and the powers of appointment and regulation that come with it.
Folks, this was one of the most prominent "Never Trump" types who wrote this. And he's absolutely correct. Spot on, in fact. He will be holding his nose in voting for Trump, but this fine piece leaves me with no doubts that he will be.
C'mon, conservatives, get over Trump already. You're also voting for Mike Pence. If Trump does get himself tossed out of the executive branch for being the tyrant you fear he is—ensuring that Paul Ryan will step up to the plate in a way he has never done with Obamathen the Indiana governor will be the man in charge. But I just cannot get over the fact that we already have a Constitution-defying, authoritarian madman in charge and he's been defiling our nation steadily for eight years.
It's time that "Never Trump-ism" dies on November 8. You've expressed your purist rage, now drop it. This Tuesday, we have all gotta be "Never Hillary".

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