Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Eleven-year-old South Florida letters and the waning Trump mojo

commercial photography locationsOh, how I wish President Trump would get it.
What are the Obama holdovers still doing in posts for which they could not ever be truly qualified? Why hasn't there been a thorough cleaning of house of White House staff? Glenn Beck and other Trump vilifiers assert that Russia toyed with our elections. Evidence to back this up is not necessary you see, because it's what the good old Establishment and the deep state and the fifth columnists that are the media have proclaimed.
Will Trump launch an investigation and appoint a special prosecutor to look into Seth Rich's murder? Will his computer ever be tapped, assuming it hasn't already been destroyed? Is Trump ever going to call out the media and the Democrats whose sole purpose is to remove him from office? He needs to hold a major press conference and set the record straight. Who the hell is advising this president?
Oh, yeah, and Jerusalem—including the Wailing Wall—is open to negotiation as to whether it is actually in Israel according to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and, that obvious Rhodes scholar, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. No wall, no enaction of a tax plan yet, no repeal and replace of Obamacare and now we can add betrayal of Israel to the list. Is Trump going to demand a deal from Netanyahu so we don't offend the Jewish state's less-than-genteel neighbor countries? How many times can the U.S.A. pursue the nonsense that is a "two-state solution"?
Anyway, I was doing some spring cleaning and I came across a copy of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times that I had brought home with me from South Florida eleven years ago. The June 29-July 5, 2006 copy of the publication contains letters written in response to a feature piece written by Trevor Aaronson called "Chump Tower," criticizing the construction of Trump International Hotel and Tower, a condominium hotel in Fort Lauderdale.
One reader wrote, "Aaronson's 'Chump Tower' ... gets right to the heart of 'golden calfism' in South Florida. I should know: I live in Holly-Mara-Wood ... [where] our 'let them eat cake' administration bows down to Baal or McDonald Chump or Zyscovich or whatever misbegotten 'rainmaker' strolls into town."
I'm guessing this concerned citizen voted for Bernie in '16, don't you think?
Then there's a gentleman named Rick from Fort Lauderdale itself who wrote:
[T]he sheer one-sided story you recently published regarding the Trump International Project truly gets under my skin ... 
Trump's presence on Fort Lauderdale Beach is part of a revitalization of not a pile of dirt but a city, from the sleepy portside town into an international destination. So perhaps you may like peanut butter and jelly and drinking beer from a can wrapped in a paper bag, but many people like caviar. 
Building a world-class beachfront takes money and lots of it. Trump does know more than you do; that's why he's Trump and you're who? Regardless of his net worth, whatever the number may or may not be, Trump has built, and rebuilt, himself into one of the most recognizable corporate figures in the world.
Rick, you deplorable, you.
These letters are revealing in exposing the fact that long before he ran for the presidency, Donald J. Trump was a man of controversy.
You know, Trump does know more than us. Obama completely shattered the maxim that presidents are wise and have the country's interests at heart. Trump has restored it.
With the sole exception thus far of James Comey, one wonders where his propensity for firing miscreants and losers went. Has the swamp in which he's currently drowning removed that from him?

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