Tuesday, May 30, 2017

News review: Gianforte's body slam, liberal assaults on RINO Ryan and jihadists strike again

commercial photography locationsI'm not going to defend thuggery, dear reader. Having said that, I can't help but feel that reporter Ben Jacobs, who writes for the über-liberal British publication The Guardian, got exactly what he deserved. Would it were that all progressive "reporters" everywhere take notice.
We all know that Republican Greg Gianforte won the special election to be the U.S. Representative for the Montana at-large district, but prior to his victory, he was in a very close race with Democrat opponent Rob Quist. Things were especially tight the night before the election took place, placing Gianforte under immense pressure. Add to the mix the fact that liberal reporters, like Ben Jacobs, had already more than scrupulously hounded the man on the issue of the new health-care bill that recently passed in the House of Representatives and is currently under scrutiny in the Senate. "What about the 23 million Americans who will be uninsured?" was a lie propogandist talking point query Gianforte must have heard in his ear only about 420,500 times.
Now imagine you are in your war room, your private bunker with only your closest advisers, formulating last-minute strategy to win the race. All of a sudden, one of these same reporters barges into your office and practically shoves his microphone in your face and demands to know, for the 420,501st time, what your take on the House bill is. Understandably, you lose it. You call this dweeb of a reporter out, hollering about how much you've had it with their ceaseless hounding of you, and you pick him up and slam him to the ground, breaking the reporter's glasses in the process. After that, you tell him, several times and in no uncertain terms, to get out.
Greg Gianforte did commit assault. In society, and under the law, we have to have standards and uphold them. So, unfortunately, Gianforte will have to pay the price of his lost temper and he has already been handed a citation for misdemeanor assault, and Gianforte apologized to Jacobs during his victory speech. Jacobs, meanwhile, had an ambulance respond to him and informed the police of the incident, telling all and sundry about his broken glasses. You don't get more hard-nosed than intrepid reporter Jacobs.
I can't help but think, though, perhaps—just maybe—if these liberal reporters weren't so aggressive and relentless and didn't ask hysterical questions about the same subject over and over and over again, and didn't assume the right to just saunter into private, closed-door rooms, then the sort of tension that had built up in Representative Gianforte would not have boiled over.

* * *

Why is it that only liberals are giving House Speaker Paul Ryan pieces of their minds, assuming they have any to spare? "RINO" Ryan was dressed down by middle school students from South Orange, New Jersey who had attended a press conference during their trip to Washington, D.C. and refused to have their picture taken with him. Ryan was then ridiculed by the 13- to 14-year-olds on Instagram after the conference.
This is far from the only time Ryan has faced the wrath of progressive-minded flotsam of any age. He was verbally assaulted in Harlem and called a coward in Rhode Island. All because of a new health-care bill that he really didn't have anything to do with. Ryan wanted to give Americans a weak, slightly watered-down version of Obamacare before its humiliating defeat without a vote in the House forced him to accept a tougher, more free market-based version.
You would think that Ryan's status as a real thorn in the side of President Trump, and the fact that he had no trouble passing Obama's budgets without question, and being a complete shill for the open-border advocates, would have earned him points among Lefties. I guess Ryan's crime is that he has not endorsed Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) and spoken of his Caucasian-based privilege.
Conservatives have spoken up against him at least once, with Trump supporters heckling him at an event in Wisconsin last October. But this is hardly enough. Why are we letting extremist liberals fashion a negative view of Ryan when there is plenty to criticize him from a center-Right perspective?
I have had it with so-called conservatives who continue to praise Ryan based on his rising star status in 1998 or because of some Congressional vote in 2001 that pleased them. If you look at Conservative Review's Liberty Scorecard, you will see that Paul Ryan scores 51 percent. An "F" grade by any measure. So, as a conservative, I'm supposed to admire this guy and be grateful for his Speakership why?
This ass-clown is one of the biggest weasels out there, a total sell-out. Time to stop pretending otherwise. Maybe someday soon, the House will have a real leader. After Eric Cantor, after John Boehner, after Paul Ryan, it would be about damn time.

* * *

I know I should have something to say about the massacre at the Manchester Arena, in which a jihadist piece of garbage killed 22 people, most of whom were girls aged 12 or under. One of my co-workers lost a friend to the slaughter that took place after Arianna Grande's concert on May 22. But I'm becoming so used to it that I'm running out of things to say.
British authorities were aware of Salman Abedi's activities. This so-called refugee traveled to Libya several times while residing in Britain and was never questioned as to why he kept taking trips there. If you are a refugee, presumably that means you have claimed that it is unsafe to head back to where you came from. Abedi obviously harbored no such worries.
Just the usual story of how political correctness has crippled our security operations and law enforcement. No-one can do a thing about these killers among us because that would be racist, don't you know. The same people who won't protect us because they are too terrified of certain communities in order to do so are also the ones telling us, "Keep going about your normal business. Don't let them win."
Here's the thing: THEY HAVE WON. Maybe if we actually woke up and realized this, we could begin to do something concrete about the terror problem instead of preaching the usual "keep calm and carry on" bullshit platitudes. I don't know how many times I will have to keep making that point on this blog, but I fear it will be several times more.
Twenty-two dead, most of them little girls. And all we instantly think about is, "Oh no, Islamophobia could be on the rise. We mustn't upset Muslims." We get moved to the point of stupidity by images of Alan Kurdi floating dead on a Turkish shore and babies in Syria in the wake of a chemical attack. The whole world stops for these children. Where's the outrage for the Western children of the Manchester attack? Will Don Lemon or The New York Times or Slate.com pontificate on the horror of children in what is technically supposed to be a Christian country being blown apart?
I think the sensible among us know the answer to that question.

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