Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No country for partisan political hacks

commercial photography locationsIt's as if they wanted to shut me up.
Over two weeks ago, news broke that the new head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, was targeting WikiLeaks. The same website that did what our "valuable" mainstream media absolutely didn't do, present Hillary Clinton for what she did and what she was to the world: A low-life, amoral criminal committing treasonous acts.
I was prepared to say that, yes, WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange had done a bad thing with the whole sordid Bradley Manning affair (I refuse to address that traitorous boy solider by his "new" identity; I don't care if he officially changed his name or not.) We can all agree, that was terrible and the secrets revealed put lives at risk. Awful stuff.
But consider the flip-side. WikiLeaks also gave us most of everything we could ever want to know regarding Hillary Clinton's e-mails, the underhandedness of the Democratic National Committee under the leadership of Debbie Wasser-woman Schultz, the cheating of Donna Brazile, the killing of Seth Rich—all of that got exposed. Were we ever going to know any of this controversial material if we left it in the hands of the Carl Bernstein-Bob Woodward acolytes? The New York Times or The Washington Post? In fact, the whole Russia narrative against Trump falls completely apart thanks to what WikiLeaks has turned up. And Pompeo seeks to prosecute Assange and ruin perhaps the only truth-telling organisation out there?
I wanted to address Trump himself: Mr. President, I would have beseeched, don't think that I'll let you off the hook for a CIA that continues to overstep its bounds just because you're the guy in charge. I elected you so that you would rein in these governmental/surveillance/deep-state bodies.
Not long after drafting this entry, I got pummeled, a real back-alley beating, and had a chunk torn from me. No lie. From the entire last week of April until just a few days ago—and I'm still convalescing—I'd never been so ill. Fever, delerium, hallucinations, pains in muscles I didn't even know I possessed. The whole nine yards. Polonium poisoning! The Trump-Putin cabal got to me!
Actually, it was influenza. But I digress.
Well, it's amazing what simply lying on your back for two weeks can do. That is, what turnabout in the news can bring when you haven't been paying attention.
On October 21, 2016 , I wrote: "Maybe, once that stratosphere-reaching idiot James Comey is tossed out along with his size 17 shoes, we'll once again have a Federal Bureau of Investigations that will do its job by following up on leads and capturing and prosecuting proven terrorists that are known to them."
Looks like I got my wish.
James Comey, a fool in so many ways that I could write a separate entry on the subject, dragged in Mafia wiseguys but ignored Islamic terror, or at the very least, dropped the ball on it too many times. (Comey had previously said that American citizens, despite having fought for ISIS, are "entitled" to come back into the country.) He was more concerned about running a political organization that sought to indict the President on grounds of "collusion" with Russia, for which no proof exists, than to safeguard American freedoms or go after the real scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells in the government itself, such as what was uncovered by WikiLeaks, for instance.
Comey apparently does not, or does not care to, acknowledge the Fourth Amendment. Trump's connections can be analyzed forwards, backwards and sideways, but Clinton got off because Comey could cite no intent, even though intent was not part of the statute. He did re-open the case in October, only to close it again days later, once again reporting that no intent was evident. Liberals blame Comey for sinking Clinton's campaign at that stage, but conservatives like myself wondered what his real motives were. "Hillary Clinton, innocent again," says the FBI chief. That's what I saw when he re-closed the case against her. 
James Comey is an arrogant goon who only a month ago said that he was there to stay for his term and that he would not be going anywhere. And it irritated me to no end, because as I wrote on April 2: "Comey has made it clear, in Senate testimony, that he will not pursue possible proof of wiretapping by Deep State officials on Obama's order, the source of the leaks against him and his administration, but he will continue to investigate these ridiculous assertions of collusion with Russia—a duplicitous strategy designed to damage Trump's presidency and add fuel to the fire of Democrats calling for his impeachment. What is Trump planning to do about Comey? Damned if I know. Instead of calling him to the carpet as he should, he's letting this traitorous idiot continue with his investigation of his own presidency!"
I agree with Sean Hannity when he recently opined on his FOX News show:
Comey has failed you, the American people, on a spectacular level. And at every single turn, the FBI director disrespected the Constitution. He has shown he does not care about the equal opportunity application of the rule or of law being applied equally to every American. [W]orst of all, he has created in this country now a two-tiered justice system. One for Hillary and Bill Clinton, and one for the rest of America. It’s become a travesty.
White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders recently told Tucker Carlson, "Director Comey had lost the confidence of the rank and file within the FBI."
Of course, because liberals are profoundly stupid, and the fact that nothing has been found to justify the Trump-Russia angle is obviously being ignored by them, the firing of Comey has Democrats likely to be calling for the establishment of a special investigation on Russia upon Comey's departure. Senator Elizabeth Warren has already jump-started the predictable party line by asserting that "Comey was fired because of the Russians." The airhead "serving" Massachusetts is typifying the liberal Democrat reaction by refusing to let the whole deception over Russia drop by calling for a special prosecutor and whining, "Donald Trump doesn't want anyone coming any place close to an active investigation into the relationship between the Russians, the Trump campaign, and Donald Trump himself."
President Trump saw an opening, a "window" as astronauts call it, to jettison Comey without the baggage that would have come with the move if he had done it earlier. With Sally Yates and James Clapper disgracing themselves in front of Congress, in which they alleged that protections are in place to prevent "unmasking," but cannot for the life of them explain how Mike Flynn's name was given to The New York Times, the time was right.
As Joel B. Pollak recently wrote, "If Trump had fired Comey while there were still serious questions about Russia, then it would have been more plausible to accuse him of trying to interfere in the investigation or cover up whatever happened. It is now clear that nothing, in fact, happened. Monday’s hearing with Clapper and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was meant to reveal a 'smoking gun,' and produced nothing but viral videos of Sen. Ted Cruz." Perhaps this President is a lot more politically shrewd than I've given him credit for. At least he's listening to his brilliant attorney general and he needs to do a lot more of that. "MAGA" may yet come to pass if Trump continues to follow Sessions's leads.
Chuck Schumer can warn the President that he is making "a big mistake" in booting Comey out. Do these Democrats not realize that Comey would have been shown the door on day one of a Madame Hillary presidency? "If Hillary Clinton had won, Director Comey would have been fired immediately, and these same Democrats would be dancing in the streets," Sanders told Carlson. Just Democrats being Democrats, nothing new there.
Comey apparently laughed in front of other FBI agents when he first found out that he had been fired by the President. He believed it was an elaborate joke. It's no joke, Comey. Sling your pack and go. Nobody likes you. This is no longer a country whose operations will harbor incompetent stooges like yourself for any longer. 

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