Monday, August 6, 2007

Pet of the Month: And the winner is ...

She won Pet of the Month: February 2007 by 53 percent. She now automatically goes into the "pet-off" for Pet of the Year later on. Again, this is great PR for rats (well, that, and Disney's Ratatouille).
Thanks again to all who voted—and will continue to vote—for her. We very much appreciate it. Especially the gentle, pink-eyed rattie at the center of this!


East of Eden said...

We took my sister's wee-ones to see Ratatouille the other week. It was a really cute show!

kristen said...


And hey, I never said that rats were 'vicious vermin'; it's just not your typical first choice for a pet.

Nightdragon said...

Eden -- I had the chance to see Ratatouille while Stateside a month ago, but I decided to give it a miss and see it for the first time with Squirrel in October (when it finally gets released here).

Kristen -- Thanks, and I wasn't saying that you yourself said that. I was thinking about the sort of folks who would spout that sort of garbage when I wrote that. You're right, though; when I was old enough to have pets of my own (we had cats, but they were a family pet), I kept hamsters. Then, at 26, I suddenly decided I wanted a rat. Don't know why, but I did. And I'm glad I did because she was honestly the best and truest friend I ever had -- before I met my wife, that is. She was just amazing: loyal and mind-blowingly intelligent.