Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Star for "Pet of the Month!"

Our little girl Star was named "Pet of the Day" in The London Paper back in February. The newspaper is now looking to crown a "Pet of the Month" for February, and Squirrel and I would be delighted if Star won. Although I loathe the idea of saying that one animal is more deserving than another, it would be wonderful if Star won the "pet of the month" award, not only because she's our special darling, but it's good press for domesticated rats. Most people remain ignorant about just how intelligent, cognizant, loyal and loving they are. It's high time perceptions about rats started to change. If Star wins, it's one small step in the right direction.
Star is currently winning, but we still need all the votes we can muster up.
Please cast your vote for Star. If she wins, she would then be in the running for Pet of the Year! Trust me, you have never met a more gentle animal than our Star; she deserves this award.


kristen said...

Wow, a pet rat. It takes special people to own those; but I have no doubt she's a sweet little thing.

Tusk said...

47%? Nice one. I didn't think so many people would vote for a rat.

Pam said...

Star just got my vote. After reading you and Squirrel for so long, I kinda feel like I know her : ).

Nightdragon said...

Kristen -- "It takes special people to own those" Heh. Really, all it takes is just an open mind and a willingness to believe that they're not vicious vermin out to spread disease to all humans. Besides, these aren't those kind of rats anyway -- domestic rats are born into a world where they get to know humans straight away and they are fastidiously clean animals. They make truly excellent pets. The only downsides are their short lifespans and tendency to chew -- but you can take precautions against the latter.

Tusk -- So far, Star is winning nearly 60% (59.18%) to just slightly over 40% (40.60%) for a cat in the second (and last) round. Obviously, it's not just us nor our friends voting. So, yeah, people must like the idea of a rat winning the title!

Pam -- Thank you so much. If we can ever return the favor for one of your ferrets (if a Baltimore paper holds such a contest and you enter it), then just let Sq. and I know!