Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's the real "deeply offensive" issue here?

If you want a great example of why the thugs control Britain, you could do worse than the condemnation of the "Class Wars" short on YouTube (note: this particular vid has been modified, with commentary by the holier-than-thou BBC.) The video shows upper-class young people assembling for what is assumed to be a fox hunt. Instead, the hunters go after chavs, running them down, shooting them and beating them.
A "chav," for those who don't live in Britain and are unfamiliar with the term, is an abbreviation for "Council House and Violence (or Vulgar)." Chavs are young people who live in ghettos or substandard housing, are aggressive and usually white ("wiggers"), aspire to a life of crime, and are less educated than a second-grade pupil, making Anna Nicole Smith look like a scholar by comparison. They always wear the same thing: NY Yankees baseball caps—or any caps that are "loud"—usually worn sideways, nylon jogging pants (sometimes stuffed into tube socks), Nike, Reebok or Umbro sneakers, and a "hoodie," that is, a hooded sweatshirt. They also tend to wear quite a lot of jewellery, most of it cheap, though there's always a good chance that they're wearing high-quality—hence, stolen—goods. Chavs can be either male or female; female chavs are often called "chavettes." You get the point, dear reader. They are a bloody nuisance. No normal, law-abiding, hard-working person who lose a moment's sleep if they all disappeared tomorrow.
However, political correctness dictates that we accept these morons. The warden of Glenalmond College, where the film-makers were once educated, stated that he "strongly" disapproved of the video and found it "deeply offensive." The Scottish National Party attacked the video as well. One SNP politican said, "Doubtless, it is intended as humour and irony but it comes across as brash, crass and arrogant."
Arrogant, eh? Deeply offensive? What I find arrogant and deeply offensive is the idea that no-one can apparantly take a joke anymore. Because some former students of a posh school decided to have a little fun and film a harmless spoof video where fox hunters chase after and run down a few nogoodnick hoodlums, everyone in Scotland seems to be bending over backwards to declare, "How awful! 'Class wars,' my God! What will people think?"
The title of the video was a spoof as well. It is not about picking on the poor or underprivileged or putting down the "lower" class as a whole. The video's ethos seems to reflect what most non-Chav Britons have long dreamt of: a group of hunters who really would rid us of this imbecilic menace. That such an otherwise harmless short would become so popular—and so despised by airy-fairy, Guardian-reading officials—speaks volumes about how chavs are regarded. No-one takes pleasure in people being underprivileged, but neither do most people think being poor is a valid excuse to look, sound and act like an idiot. Being poor was always one thing, but revelling in it is quite another.
Having seen it for myself, I can report that the video is hilarious. You can imagine Monty Python's Flying Circus containing a skit just like this. (Though I must say, given the Python crew's penchant for liberalism, they probably would have sided with the "deeply offended" over this.) Just forget the whole "class wars" junk and take it for the joke it was meant to be and laugh at it.
But that's just the problem. We're not allowed to laugh anymore. Our politically correct overlords don't approve. We must spend every waking minute of every day agonizing over the problems of the world's underprivileged criminals instead. Then, with practice, we can became as dull, dour and humorless as them.
What a life.

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