Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got to hand it to O.J.—he sure knows how to make the news

This has got to be the story of the decade.
He got acquitted of double murder through his legal team's manipulation of the race card, right? So all he had to do was retire to his mansion and live with his conscience—not that he's got one. Bad enough he tried to capitalize on the murders last year.
But, twelve years after "getting some get-back" got him off murder charges, he masterminds and carries out an armed robbery at a Las Vegas casino museum to retrieve some memorabilia from his football career?
That's either really stupid or really insane.
Let's see him wriggle out of this one. Maybe life imprisonment will wipe that arrogant smirk off his face.
If so, I hope the bastard lives till 120.


kristen said...

We all knew he would do something was just a matter of time.

What a loser.

I hope he gets to spend a lot of quality time in jail to think about the crimes we know about, and the ones that we don't.

abel said...

It has to be one of the stupidist acts he's ever's right up there with killing his ex-wife. :-)