Friday, September 7, 2007

The vandal would make a lesser criminal as Mayor ...

Two days ago, a Routemaster double-decker bus travelled through central London in broad daylight with "Livingstone Is A Cunt" written in three-foot-long letters across its rooftop. The driver knew nothing about it—until he saw people in the upper stories of office buildings looking down, pointing and laughing their tails off. The night before, a vandal broke into the bus garage and scrawled the anti-Mayor graffiti on the top of the bus.
It's not hard to understand why Livingstone is so loathed by some. After all, he isn't nicknamed "Red Ken" for nothing. His Castro-worship? His anti-Semitism? His anti-Americanism, and his buddy-buddy relationship with a hard-line imam? His Congestion Charge, and his insistence that national embassies pay it when they should damn well be exempt from it? His decision to scrap the classic, iconic Routemaster buses for those "bendy bus" monstrosities? Take your pick. There's no end of reasons to want to kick Ken where it counts.
Hell, I worked with a young lady a few years ago who was very liberal politically and who I had convinced myself was a Red Ken fan. Imagine my surprise when I heard her say one fine morning, "I hope that bastard gets run over with his own bendy buses someday!" That alone speaks volumes; even some Lefties don't like our Stalinist mayor. Even The Guardian, Britain's answer to The New York Times, took a cheerworthy hit at Livingstone, an editorial so good that it makes me rethink my classification of the newspaper as evil and anarchic.
I've had all I can take of Ken the Cunt myself. The final straw came just a few nights ago when I saw a Mayor's Office advertisement at the bus stop which extolled the city's cheap fuel supplements for elderly residents. Guess how our esteemed mayor came across such cheap fuel to hand out like a modern-day Robin Hood? Well, the "Bolivarian Government of Venezuela" banner lying directly to the right of the "Mayor of London" logo ought to tell you all you need to know. London's elderly will be kept warm at the expense of Venezuela's much poorer peasants who that fat-faced faggot dictator, El Presidente Chavez, exploits. (No, I'm not homophobic, in case you're wondering why I'm using such harsh language, but I would give almost anything to call Hugo a faggot to his face and damn the consequences!)
That's when I decided I'd had it up to the ionosphere with Red Ken.
Actually, it gets worse, and with an issue that's literally close to home. The mayor apparently wants to build houses on part of the land that belongs to a large park in our neighboorhood. A few years ago, the residents of this community defeated a bid to build a mall on some park land, and hopefully there's enough community spirit left to defeat Ken's latest development ideas. It's not the fault of whatever little nature is left that the Government is allowing more people in than the country can absorb, a policy they're too chickenshit to reverse, even though nearly everyone, of every creed or color, would cheer if they did. (Only guilty white liberals would be objecting.) I'll never understand how anyone can look at a lovely large batch of field and other greenery and think, "Hey, we can tear all this up and build here!" But Marx wrote that nature was there for exploitation and Red Ken apparently agrees.
I have never exactly been a Boris Johnson fan—espcecially since I had cause to cross swords with him earlier this year. Besides that, he's just a big-headed silly-ass. But I would be enthralled if he became London's mayor next year, now that he's thrown his hat into the ring. I'd rather a Conservative stubborn, arrogant asshole as the mayor of the city I call home than a stubborn, arrogant socialist-Lefty one. In short, anyone but Ken. Hell, I'd vote for the anti-Ken vandal for Mayor. He clearly hates Ken, and that's enough to qualify him for the city's leadership as far as I'm concerned. If Steve Norris, who I've backed for mayor in the past, can't get past the gates, then Johnson is my choice. Boris would bring back the Routemasters and he would cancel the fuel deal with Venezuela, which he called "completely Caracas." He also said he did not see the need for a space program "unless of course the present incumbent is volunteering to go into orbit." Brilliant!
Sock it to 'im, Boris. And Boris? Maybe you could make it a campaign pledge to give those "No Olympics" buttons on the "Ken is a Cunt" website free to every Londoner who wants one? I'd sure have one and I'd wear it proudly.

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kristen said...

A conservative is always better than a liberal. But seriously, good luck with that in your neck of the woods. I don't know how you stand being surrounded by so many liberals; but then again you grew up in Boston, so I guess you're used to it.

This had me smirking because I can totally imagine you all fired up at your computer. My students call each other 'faggot', and even though that term kinda makes me chuckle because I totally used it in my younger days, I have to get after them for using such 'inappropriate' language. You crack me up.