Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Hey hey, President A., how many people would you like to kill today?"

So some Iranians are absolutely aghast at the idea that their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would receive such a poor welcome in New York. Get real. New Yorkers should not be happy that the Iranian leader bankrolls the type of terrorists that attacked their city six years ago. They have every right to express their disgust and anger that he is there.
They should also not be impressed that Columbia University president Lee Bollinger defended his invitation for the Iranian leader to speak at the school. Bollinger said that the invitation was in line with Columbia's tradition of providing a "major forum for robust debate, especially (on) global issues." If Robert Mugabe ever steps foot in the States to address the U.N., will you invite him too, Mr. Bollinger, citing the same raison d'etre for your esteemed university?
Of course, Mr. Bush would never let the likes of Mugabe in. So why the hell did he give the all-clear for Ahmadinejad to enter the country? I don't care how necessary he thinks dialogue with that lunatic is, he should provide the dialogue while the Iranian president has both his feet firmly planted on Iranian soil. Having Admadinejad in New York is a grevious insult not only to New Yorkers but to all Americans. This Holocaust-denying, insurgent-arming, nuke-hungry maniac should not be disgracing our ground or polluting our air with his presence.
Thank God that New York City authorities denied the Iranian leader a chance to visit Ground Zero. That would be like a neo-Nazi touring Auschwitz. In fact, when it comes to dangerously rabid anti-Semitic sentiment, Ahmadinejad and neo-Nazis are on the same page.
I have nothing against Iran. Iran has more than its fair share of decent, intelligent and freedom-loving people. It's Presdient Ahmadinejad and his cabal of religious conservatives running the Islamic Republic that I feel signficantly less than admirably toward.


East of Eden said...

The sad thing is, is that the poor brain-washed masses of Columbia thought the "integrity of the talk" was cheapened by Bollingers opening remarks which only mentioned his human rights abuses, his nuclear ambitions and oh ya, bankrolling terror. PLEASE!

I find it also ironic that columbia invited him, but won't let the head of the minuteman project on campus to speak, and won't let ROTC on campus to recruit. How is that for healthy dialouge? It seems any voice from the right is not deemed worthy to participate in Columbia's lofty principles of education, but hey, you're a world terrorist, come on over!

Thankfully, Albany is considering cutting off all State funding to Columbia, and the US Congressman from lower Manhattan is thinking of doing the same in Congress.

kristen said...

Unbelievable. One word: Liberals. They boast about free speech and open debate.....yeah, open debate from the left, with almost no representation from the right. Hypocrites. And we wonder why so many students are indoctrinated on college campuses. It's a scary, scary thought.

btw--I went private. I sent you an email; hope you got it......