Saturday, May 9, 2015

FOX News appeases the jihadists (surprise, shock, horror!)

The fall-out from the cartoon contest in Garland, Texas has gone pretty much in the direction that I thought it would. That is to say, Blame Pamela Geller, blame the artists, blame the event organizers, even blame the Curtis Culwell Center for letting out space to them.
How is it that blaming the victim in America is for the most part forbidden, but when the victim of a crime dared to criticize "the religion of peace", then the victim is to blame? We're all about coddling the victim in this country, except when they dare to engage in an activity that is politically incorrect.
If neo-Nazis entered a New Black Panther meeting with guns blazing, we'd never hear the end of it. Race relations just rolled back 100 years, victimhood, racism, victimhood, slavery, victimhood, let even more illegals into the country to counter the white population, victimhood ...
Jihadists try to commit a massacre at an art exhibition and nearly everybody bends over backwards to try to understand and accommodate the criminals' point-of-view. What has happened to us? When the fuck did we become such milquetoasts?
We knew what to expect from the folks at MSNBC and CNN. For instance, Chris Cuomo, who believes our rights come from man and are not God-given, opined that "hate speech is excluded from protection. Don't just say you love the Constitution, read it." I wasn't aware that Cuomo is a scholar on the Constitution, a lawyer or a judge, but my understanding is that the Supreme Court ruled in 1942, in Chaplinsky vs. New Hampshire, that libel or "fighting words" which tempt others to act against a certain group of people (i.e. "Kill Italians", "Kill Poles", etc.) is outside the limits of free speech. But there is nothing in Geller's actions that constituted "fighting words," except in the minds of radical Muslims and their mushhead defenders.
Those who supposedly ought to know better, such as the commentators on FOX News, have been offering disappointing editorializing, to say the least.
Megyn Kelly, who I had dismissed as an airhead after she challenged Rudy Guiliani for daring to question President Obama's love for America, has redeemed herself. She is the precious rare anchor at the Roger Ailes-owned network brave enough to stick up for free speech. Kelly said on-air, "Over the last seventy-two hours, we have heard the event organizers condemned as being too provocative, too stupid, even for inviting their own attempted murder. If this is where American sentiment stands on this issue, then the jihadis are officially winning."
Sean Hannity, during an exchange with the vile and truly contemptible British Muslim activist Anjem Choudary, stuck up for Pamela Geller and her right to free speech as well.
But Greta Van Susteren said, "It's one thing for someone to stand up for the First Amendment and put his own you-know-what on the line, but here, those insisting they were defending the First Amendment were knowingly putting officers' lives on the line—the police. My message is simple—protect our police. Do not recklessly lure them into danger and that is what happened in Garland, Texas at the Muhammad cartoon contest."
Firstly, they shoot to kill in Texas, God bless 'em, so there was minimal danger given the level of security present at the Curtis Culwell Center. Secondly, it's the police's duty to protect and serve. If they can supervise hundreds of spoiled brats in the middle of the street shouting "hands up, don't shoot," then they can supervise a controversial art exhibition.
Then, we have Bill O'Reilly. What O'Reilly had to say regarding the riot in Baltimore was truth-telling at its finest:
The litany of excuse-making is excruciating. The rioters are angry because America is a country of mass incarceration. People who burn down buildings and loot are just misdirected folks who feel hopeless. And if you feel hopeless, it's okay to riot. 
You see, it's not really the fault of those who commit crimes, it's the fault of America because we don't provide jobs for everyone. Instead of pinpointing the problem and then trying to solve it, you get insane theories that attempt to provide justification for Americans hurting other Americans. If you can't make big money, go ahead and sell heroin. No problem. 
Here's the truth: How can anyone provide a job that pays a decent salary to somebody who can barely read or write? To somebody who cannot speak English? To somebody who has tattoos all over their body, who is defiant, who is disrespectful and who doesn't even want to work because they have a sense of entitlement that says they are victims, 'You owe me.' Does that sound like a good job-seeking resume? And don't tell me those folks don't exist. They are legion.
But on the issue of free speech, O'Reilly has lost it. Donald Trump had joined the crowd asking "why?" regarding Pamela Geller: "What is she doing with drawing Mohammed? It looks like she's actually taunting people. You know, I'm one that believes in free speech probably more than she does. But what is the purpose of this?" To this, O'Reilly responded:
Mr. Trump is correct. By setting up a contest and awarding $10,000 for a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed, the American Freedom Defense Initiative spurred a violent incident. That wasn’t smart, even though the group has its supporters. Now the group that did the insulting says it’s entitled to profane Mohammed because in the Islamic religion any kind of depiction of him is a sin. They say they can do that in America because of freedom of speech. Well that’s true. They have the right to do it here. But again, it’s stupid. It accomplishes nothing. Insulting a religion with more than a billion followers world wide does not advance the cost of defeating the fanatical jihadists. It hurts the cause, does it not?
Still trust Greta Van Susteren, Donald Trump or Bill O'Reilly to stick up for your First Amendment rights? I thought not.
Counter that weak appeasement with what Jeff Kuhner on his May 7 WRKO radio show said: "To everybody in the media who have backed away from Pamela Geller, shame on you. Not only do I stand with Pamela Geller, but I am going to get her on this show. And to the radical Islamists out there, you want to come for me? Bring it on, you cowards. Put that in your Koran and smoke it!"
You see, this is how an American patriot, one who is not afraid of and will not kowtow to the jihadists and their liberal bedfellows, talks. Well done, Jeff Kuhner.
Pamela Geller is an American hero. She brought these jihadists out of the woodwork and exposed the Islamic terrorist threat in America for what it is. She deserves our praise and admiration and protection, not our condemnation.
As for you, Roger Ailes, you establishment pussy? Do us all a favor and have an aneurysm or a stroke or something. Then maybe the FOX News network can actually be the conservative alternative it claims to be once your pantywaisted ass is gone.


goddessdivine said...

I was a little stunned at Bill's talking points memo the other night; his memos are almost always spot on. This one had me scratching my head. But the same night Ms Kelly took Bill to task on his show and then blasted the jihadists on her own show....defending free speech. She's had multiple Constitutional scholars on also defending the right to free speech, no matter how vile or "hateful" it may be. That is one of the foundational principles of this country, something the Founders fought hard to protect.

I'm not overly surprised at Greta; she leans a little to the left at times and it's no secret. I was a little shocked with Bill.

Bill (nor Greta) doesn't speak for FOX News; he's just one commentator. And I'm sure he got loads of hate mail for that Talking Points. However, he too is entitled to his opinion, which I'm sure most of his audience disagreed with on this one. He claims himself to be a traditionalist, not a conservative, which honestly, I can believe with some of his view points.

Nightdragon said...

I think O'Reilly just can't help himself from occasionally playing the part of a contrarian. He'll go for weeks saying everything you could possibly agree with -- and then he'll drop a big bomb on you. I can't figure that cat out, and I don't really wish to try.