Sunday, May 24, 2015

The fake courage of Memorial Day moaners

Earlier this week, as the nation approached its Memorial Day, in honor of those who served and fought, a public school civics teacher from the Greater Boston town of Hopkinton left a voicemail for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, an organization that describes itself as "a non-partisan, non-profit 501c(4) organization committed to improving the quality of life in Massachusetts by advocating for fiscal responsibility and good government solutions"—the sort of thing state Democrats naturally decry as "a Republican front". She opined on the subject of illegal immigrants and homeless veterans. Although she initially appears supportive of veterans, her true feelings about them are revealed as the message goes on. And it is nasty beyond belief.
"I'm kind of just so sick of all of this supposedly illegal immigrants over our veterans. Our veterans should get jobs. I'm so sick of hearing about homeless veterans. They sucked the wind, they got salaries and stipends and additional pay for a 'dangerous duty' [heavy sarcasm], and all this nonsense. And they can't even go get a job after they've been trained supposedly by our 'glorious military' [more heavy sarcasm]. Go get a job like everybody else, if you're so angry. Why should they get priority over other people who are either homeless or, y'know, unemployed. I'm just so sick of it. Most of them are drug addicts anyway, they barely get out of high school and they go into the military—and you know that. Not too many people graduate from college, if you look at the percentages, who worked hard in high school, in college, and went into the military in the first place. [?] So you're all backwards. [Addressing the MFA] Backwards, hateful fascists. We're on to you. We're reporting you."
A couple of questions here: She's not angry? Don't you just love these "peace and love" types who spew their guts everywhere, but think you and I are the angry ones? Observe how she obviously doesn't reserve this kind of bile toward entitled, EBT card-carrying losers. Notice how she seems to think that anyone who dares not to be academically gifted might as well be cannon fodder. Lastly, if you heard the voicemail, you would hear her voice drip with acid-laced cynicism when she pronounces the words "dangerous duty" and "glorious military". 
I will never understand the mindset of anyone who thinks that our veterans are ruthless killers who join up simply to satisfy a bloodlust by slaughtering greasy foreigners and how they didn't fight for our rights. I suppose our rights are protected by liberal Supreme Court justices, not the soliders who fight oppression and supression wherever it exists.
These are the liberal-Lefties who have their heads firmly in the sand and never worry about the threat from our enemies. Their mantra is such: As long as America has open borders, preaches tolerance, compassion and diversity and considers support for gay marriage the ultimate pinnacle of sophistication, then the country is safe. Why have a military full of "backwards" people? If we would just live by our ideals, no-one would want to attack us, because we're so good and have "Co-Exist" bumper sticks on our cars.
If you have conservative values and support the troops, co-existence doesn't apply to you.  Now you know why the country is so thoroughly ass-backwards. This woman, I repeat, is a public school civics teacher.  Your kids are subjected to nogoodniks like this for whatever passes for education these days.
She is far from alone in her hatred for veterans. On Veteran's Day last year, a charming man by the name of Michael Schuette wrote on his Twitter page, "OK for my yearly Veterans day speech ... To all vets ... you are NOT hero's [sic] ... You NEVER FOUGHT FOR ANY OF MY FREEDOMS!!!!! You NEVER sacrificed for this country. YOU WANNA MEET HERO'S? [sic] ... Well shake hands with CIVILIAN EMTs, Nurses, Firefighters, Lawyers and anyone in the ACLU. Please feel free to add some more hero's below but Veterans you are NOT American hero's. [sic]"
You just know that anyone who capitalises nouns, uses ellipses when a period would do just fine and spells heroes as "hero's" is exactly the sort of person we should be listening to.
There are far too many examples of anti-veteran bias expressed by people who are either truly ungrateful and/or jealous cowards. I would be unable to mention them all here, but you get the drift. Most of them are wimps, plain and simple. The homeless vet is in the state that he's in because he had the bravery to do something which required him to see things no civilian should have to and he's still fighting it. This is a matter you cannot expect some jumped-up puke who thinks he or she is courageous for bashing the military to understand.
You get people like director Michael Moore, actor Seth Rogan or a state representative like Louisiana's Stephen Ortego who pat themselves on the backs for trashing veterans with all sorts of spiteful talk and know that they won't have to answer for it because (1) the media has their backs and (2) they wouldn't go anywhere veterans are present. In other words, they stand little chance of getting their noses broken, as they should. (Most veterans would be too gentlemanly to do that anyway.) They criticize from afar and expect profile in courage awards.
The truth is, the soldier who served and is proud to have done so and desires nothing more than a "welcome home" is as American as mom, apple pie, ragtime and picket fences.  And that's an America these people can't stand and would stop at nothing to dismantle and destroy.  If these people had their way, there wouldn't be one neighborhood in the U.S. that didn't look like Lagos on acid.  Except, of course, for the gated communities that they would live in, because that would be their self-awarded reward for being tolerant and diversity-embracing.
You only have to look at the progressive disdain for and antipathy toward the film American Sniper. Chris Kyle was a gifted, remarkable marksman and he used his sniping ability to take out the enemy. You see, it doesn't matter that Kyle saw his job as not just fighting for American values and freedoms but protecting Iraqi citizens from insurgent "freedom fighters". But no, Kyle must be a racist because he called members of the insurgency "savages".
What the Left not only thinks but encourages others to think about the men and women that train hard and fight hard, in the field and possibly for decades afterwards in their consciences, should be declared criminal. I know, free speech and all, but this kind of stuff can kill a country.  How can any nation have this kind of anti-military, anti-veteran sentiment among a good chuck of its citizenry and survive?
Happy Memorial Day to all veterans of all our wars. And thank you.

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goddessdivine said...

These vile anti-military types are the scum of the earth. I loathe them. I don't think we're doing enough to help our vets as is, and would MUCH rather we spend money on them than illegals, food stamp abusers, and cities like Baltimore.

Yes; this country is back-asswards. (Ass-backwards??)