Monday, May 11, 2015

George Galloway, would you just go away?

One of the biggest lessons that one can take away from this recent U.K. general election is that knee-jerk, far-Left politicians are complete and total boobs, and it's high-time, finally, that we stopped taking any of them seriously.
Ed Miliband's desire to put the strangehold on businesses—while wanting to clamp down on people's right to free speech by delcaring any form of "Islamophobia" one of the worst crimes you could possibly commit—is the reason he lost. Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, did very well—but that success is limited to Scotland. Thank the Lord she won't be sharing power with Labour in the House of Commons. She is as socialist as they get while also arguing in favor of a complete scrapping of Britain's Trident nuclear defense. As discussed on this page previously, the Scottish are real characters who for some reason will embrace just about any far-Left garbage you could throw at them. They did, to their credit, vote to remain in the Union back in September—but only by 53 percent.
Before I go any further, I want to say that I have long admired Scotland. The Scots gave so many great inventions to the world, and Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful capital cities a country could wish for.  You could say I'm deeply disappointed at the loony Left militancy rife throughout that land.  I would have thought the Scottish were far too intelligent to embrace this bullshit.
Nonetheless, given this quick back history, it'll come as little suprise that one of the most notoriously narcissistic and obstinate politicians who has been staining British politics since the 1980s is a Scot. His name is George Galloway. You may have heard of him. Only he didn't concentrate on Scotland.  He decided to infest English politics instead.
He's the man who voiced his desire in 2003 to see the "British wolves" (military) in Iraq get slaughtered by Saddam Hussein's forces. He testified before the U.S. Congress in 2005 regarding alleged profiteering from the U.N. Oil for Food program, telling the media upon his arrival in Washington D.C., "I have no expectation of justice from a group of Christian fundamentalist and Zionist activists."
Please refer to this ancient entry for proof of just how long ordinary citizens like me have had to bear witness to this nogoodnik.
Galloway became the leader of a political party called Respect, after Labour had ejected him from its ranks, that originally took the Socialist Workers Party under its wing. In 2007, even the SWP couldn't handle being aligned with Galloway anymore and re-asserted its independence from Respect.
(Curiously, Galloway has not endorsed the Scottish National Party.  Indeed, he encouraged a "no" vote on Scottish Independence last September and said that the SNP represents "the politics of grudge".  This is perhaps the only matter on which I agree, or could possibly ever agree, with Galloway.)
Having already engaged in an extremely dirty campaign against Oona King in 2004 for an East London MP seat, in which he attacked her Jewish heritage and support for the Iraq War, the so-called Respect candidate authored what has probably been the most vicious, smear-laden campaigns in modern history against Labour's candidate, Naz Shah.
During the campaign, Shah had been very honest and open about her experience with forced marriage. As such, Shah was recognized as the candidate who would address the concerns of and give voice to the Muslim women in Bradford West—a constituency that has a majority of Muslim voters. (Bradford is a city in North Yorkshire.) Galloway, however, attacked her claims to have suffered at the hands of the community she grew up in, with he and Respect claiming that she lied in addition to slandering the Muslim community. Shah countered with, "I don’t want anybody to experience what I went through. I think that was a travesty."
Galloway, in all-too-typical far-Left style, has promised a legal battle to try to get the Bradford West results overturned. For a man who claims "Respect", he and his foul party have absolutely no idea what the word means. See the connection to Obama yet? This clown and the Prez are ideological soulmates. Galloway cannot stand to lose and wants to destroy a woman that dared to run against him and yet claims to respect democracy. Obama cannot stand to lose, either in the States or in Israel, which explains his utter contempt for both Americans and Israelis, yet asks everybody else to "search their souls". Could these men possibly be any more alike? And when are voters finally going to see these self-loving twats for the power-hungry and completely bigoted people they are to the extent where they will not only never be elected to any office anywhere but regarded as a joke if they try?
If a gutless goon like George Galloway wouldn't force someone into conservatism, I don't know who else could. Then again, we know there are plenty of "Hitler-in-the-bunker" moonbats out there who would go down with the ship no matter what. If you told these people to throw their mothers into a gas chamber in the name of workers' rights or Palestine, they would trip over themselves in the rush to collect their family matriarchs for the sacrifice.
My only fear regarding Galloway is that he said he would concentrate on London again if he lost in Bradford. He would vie for the mayorship of Tower Hamlets. Well, why not? It's already run by a cheating, lying, embezzling, tyrannical son-of-a-bitch by the name of Lutfur Rahman. What's another cheater, liar, embezzler and wanna-be dictator? The people of Tower Hamlets are probably used to that by now. He'd fit that community like a hand to a glove. But Galloway won't leave Bradford without a fight.
See how extreme liberals act? Those on the Right step down and quietly leave if they lose an election, like Nigel Farage of UKIP. Galloway, just like Obama, just like Al Gore, just like Martha Coakley (in Massachusetts) and others too numerous to name, has to contest every single number. Don't you love when their attempts to rig the system in their favor fail? When they lose, they claim that they're demanding a recount and launching legal action against possible voter fraud in the name of democracy. Doesn't matter to them if voter fraud gets them into office. Funny how that works, isn't it?
Naz Shah, in turn, is considering legal action against Galloway. "It [the demand for a recount] is a pathetic attempt from someone who doesn't accept defeat. I have got a job to do. I need to work for the people of Bradford. I fought him on policy and as far as I'm concerned my work can speak for itself. I'll let the Labour party deal with that," Shah said. Good for her. Shah may be a liberal herself, but she's a damn sight better than the fedora-wearing fruitcake (believe me, there are at least two other f-words I'm struggling to keep from calling this spineless twerp) she defeated.
Galloway has twice before been attacked in public. Most recently, in September, in Notting Hill, London where he was set upon by another man. Journalist Peter Oborne asked, "why the silence" over the attack? Because, Peter, no-one wanted to go down on record as having stuck up for this obsequious, spiteful, hypocritical mess of a man. So Galloway had his jaw broken. Boo-hoo. Let me call the waaa-mbulance.
In 2009, Galloway was taunted on a plane to Glasgow by a group of six men and then knocked down onto a luggage carousel in the airport's baggage collection area.
For anyone who thinks either incident is out-of-line, he didn't have a gun turned on him nor was he threatened with being blown up. Nor even beheaded which I gather is how this radical Islamist-admiring cunt would deal with his detractors if only he could. With free speech comes responsibility.
So, George, that's what you get for wishing to declare Bradford "an Israeli-free zone." If you talk the talk, be prepared to walk the walk. Alas, I forget, you're above that though, aren't you, precious petal?

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