Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Tories should be the party of choice for Britain

Citizens of Albion are currently voting in the British General Election today and the results will trickle in tonight. By tomorrow morning, if not sooner, we will know who the leader of the United Kingdom is. Will the election usher in fresh blood in Labour's Ed Miliband? (I'm sorry, but I'm inclined to vote against this guy given the fact that his last name is no visual treat. That 'ili' is ugly to look at.) Or will the population stick with the devil we know in David Cameron?
You have to remember that for the past five years, the U.K. has been led by a coalition government. If the present government seemed to be not as conservative in its governance that some would have preferred, it's because they shared power with the left-wing Liberal Democrats who, in many ways, are the "lite" version of Labour. Nick Clegg is a likeable, intelligent man, but he is also an idealist and he has been our Deputy Prime Minister since 2010.
It is entirely possible that the Conservatives could share a coalition with Labour, given that the two are, according to polls, neck-and-neck. If so, not much would change. If the Conservatives get a strong majority, then they alone would occupy the seat of power in Parliament.
David Cameron, in some respects, rubs off as unctious and always has. But he is, at the same time, a smart, shrewd leader who does have the British people's backs with regard to the economy and the terrorist threat. One of the best policies the Conservatives enacted during their current tenure was the removal of "squatters' rights". It is much easier to get rid of human pests that lock you out of your own home or who are occupying a building they have no right to occupy than it used to be.
Chancellor George Osborne's Budgets, though retaining the curious and inane Air Passenger Duty which even he has admitted is a fraud, has consistenly lowered the tax threshold for middle-class families.
A look at the Conservative manifesto for 2015 demonstrates a desire for lower taxes for the middle class, an abolition of taxes for minimum wage workers, a commitment to develop on brownfields rather than the Green Belts (nature reserves that surround British cities), a guaranteed £8 billion in funding for the NHS, and a 1 percent rise in equipment spending for defense.
No government will grant you everything you want, especially when power is shared with another party. But the Conservative manifesto is a good start. This government hasn't been as satisfying as I'd have hoped for, but I believe it deserves a second chance.
The Nightdragon endorses David Cameron for Prime Minister of the U.K. and The Conservatives for a majority in the House of Commons.


goddessdivine said...

Looks like you got your wish. :-)

(It's almost crazy that several European nations' leadership is more conservative than ours. Heaven help us. 18 more months.)

Nightdragon said...

Yeah, Europe's slowly becoming more conservative in its approach and outlook. We're leaving America in the dust. I just hope Obama's damage is reversible. Get Ted Cruz in there. I know the Republican House and Senate leaderships are spineless, but they will follow a guy like Cruz or Rand Paul if they're in the White House. If they won't stand up to Obama, I can't imagine them saying no to a much stronger man in the Executive.