Friday, March 25, 2016

The enemy has no reason to fear Obama-nation

Hello, dear reader, and good day to you. Are you enjoying life in your great country? Preparing to drop your kids off at school, after they've posted their latest profane pictures on Instagram, brown-nose with the office girls about the latest celebrity wedding (or break-up) or with the boys about March Madness, have dinner while watching and tittering along to the idiot box/indoctrination machine and go to bed feeling oh-so safe and secure in your own little universe, knowing that your government is working so darn hard to keep you safe?
Well, golly gee, I'm so happy for you. They may be spying on you, but at least the robust security the government offers is part of the deal, right? Your faith that the Feds have your best interests at heart is admirable.
Me? I've never been angrier.
Folks, I see things for what they are. Others don't. Simple as that.
Bombs explode at Brussels Airport and at a Metro (subway) station in the European Union's capital city. The death toll is currently thought to stand at over thirty. The Islamic State has claimed credit for it. An ISIS flag was found among the rubble of the airport terminal. And what do we have in response to this latest deadly rampage against innocents? Warnings not to stigmatize Muslims in Belgium, in Europe, in America, or anywhere. Because we just can't have that, now can we?
Richard Engle on the Today show remarked, "We're already seeing the rise of the right-wing, we're already seeing the rise of hate-attacks where people will use these kind of terrorist attacks, these kind of incidents, to vilify all of the Muslim community. Which, of course, only makes the situation worse, because then people feel isolated, ostracized, ghetto-ized, and they retreat into their own community."
Think about that, you Crusades-loving Christians or you Jews who support the subjugation of Palestinians. A bomb here, a machine-gun attack there, chants of "allahu akbar" before a head suddenly becomes disattached from its body ... that's nothing compared to what you're responsible for.
Ahmed Rehab—I'll pause to let the irony of that particular surname sink in—from the Council of American-Islamic Relations (known as CAIR, as in, "about only our own"), said, "Even the mere question, 'Do Muslims condemn this?' to me is an affront to our humanity. It goes without saying."
Got that, you blue-eyed devils with your micro-aggressions and your bigotry? You're an affront to the humanity—of which there is none—of the bombers, who themselves are the biggest and deadliest bigots on the planet. Hang your heads in shame!
Ted Cruz, in a moment of brilliance with which I tend to identify him—which is why it is so frustrating to see him acting as if the Cold War still exists by painting Russia as the enemy and pretending NATO still has some relevance—said, "This is a war with radical Islamic terrorism ... We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."
Rehab countered with, "The last time we saw a political leader wanting to patrol and secure communities based solely on their religion was in a little country called Germany in the 1930s."
Ahmed, I don't know if you've noticed, but Muslims have retaken that "little country" due the immigration policies of its quasi-Communist leader.
"It didn't end very well," Rehab wants us to know, regarding Germany's efforts in the '30s to stigmatize communities based on religion. Funny that, Ahmed, I would wager that you and yours thought it ended very well. Six million descendants of Abraham had been exterminated by 1945. Ahmed Rehab, don't pretend for one moment that you and your vicious CAIR organization give a stuff about religious freedom for all. Where Islam is concerned, there are no other religions
What's that, dear reader, you don't hear me? Hold on. Here, I'm holding an AK-47 to your head. I said, "there are no other religions but Islam." Understand? Yes? Good. Now go home and watch TV and continue to keep that brain as blank as possible. Look forward to that next Jay-Z album which ... ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod .... is rumored to feature Rihanna on it. Giggity! Put it on your iPod and listen to it wherever you go, and know that the world loves you. Oh yes, it does.
Your president, Barack Obama, certainly does not. He is so concerned about the latest Islam-inspired carnage that he refuses to fly back to his office in the States to consult with European leaders on how to respond to the attacks in Brussels. He's on vacation, don'tcha know. He's only had about ... oh, 8,000 of them is my guess, so give the man a break. He's too busy thanking the psychotics in charge of that prison island known as Cuba for their warm welcome and trying to compare it to the United States. The Castros are our "estranged brothers" whose own revolution was similar to ours.
Obama showed his resilience in wanting to tackle terror, which he was careful not to name in connection with radical Islam—as is his wont—by attending a baseball game in Havana. After chatting up Raul Castro in the front row at Estadio Latinoamericano, watching the Rays play the Cuban national team, Obama told ESPN, "It's always a challenge when you have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world."
R-i-i-ght ... It's even more of a challenge when you propose to do absolutely nothing about it. But, lo, the Dear Leader wasn't finished: "The whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's ordinary lives."
My word, how inspiring. A better excuse to remain a bum on holiday I've never heard put so poetically.
Sadly, Americans think our military is out there, giving 110 percent towards "keeping us safe". And I harbor no uncertainty that they would be were it not for the Rules of Engagement.
Liberals are blaming George W. Bush for the Brussels terror attack, just as they blame him for the volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii. All the woes of the world, past, present, and no doubt future can be explained by those five syllables: George Dub-a-yoo Bush. (Unless you're from Texas, where it's four syllables.)
However, there is something to this. Bush put our troops into Afghanistan, and then Iraq, and then straddled them with those aforementioned rules of engagement. On his Tuesday, March 23 radio show, Michael Savage laid out these insane diktats that our brave men and women are expected to operate by, lest they end up rotting in federal penitentiaries:
1. No night or surprise searches
2. Villages must be warned prior to searches
3. The national army and/or the national police must accompany US units on searches
4. US forces may not fire on the enemy unless the enemy is preparing to fire first
5. Only women can search women
6. Troops can fire at an insurgent if the catch him placing an improvised explosive device but not if insurgents are walking away from an area where explosives have been placed.
Presumably, only men can search men as well. Can you imagine the insult caused if some well-built, 5'10" female soldier roughed up some weedy little (and probably child porn-addicted) puke from a village where locals shit in the street who was screaming in his reedy little voice, sounding like Mickey Mouse speaking Pashto on helium, "I wanna join the insurgency too, I want to fight America too! Hey, don't forget me!"
Barack Obama has only intensified these rules of engagement, making them even more unrealistic, while he wanted to send more troops to Afghanistan, then Libya and Syria. You cannot expect to win a fight with one hand tied behind your back, yet Obama has our soldiers battling with both hands cut off.
People assume that post-traumatic stress disorder—what used to be known as "shell shock" a century ago, before we lawyered up such terminology—is caused by soldiers suffering from what they've had to do or see. I think it's from what they were prevented from doing or seeing. The key word in post-traumatic stress disorder is "stress," such as caused by not allowing one to do the job that one signed up for.
But, never mind all this. We may have an NSA-spying program that is a complete breach of the Constitution and has not prevented even one terrorist attack during its existence. We may have a so-called President that demonstrably does not care about anything other than himself and his poisonous, anti-American agenda. We may have a Congress and a GOP party, laughingly referred to as an opposition, that would rather brag about extremely minor achievements in the Omnibus bill and plot to deny voters their choice for presidential nominee than stand up to the current President. We may have an enemy that the West constantly underestimates the ruthlessness of. We more than certainly have a mass media who cares nothing about what is right and decent and exists to fan the flames of disorder and destruction and to cripple people's minds.
Donald Trump commented to Fox and Friends on Brussels, the third-world city it resembles in so many respects, and the need for American vigilance, ending his remarks with, "We just don't learn. We never learn."
And how, Donald. Indeed, we never learn, as long as our own personal bubbles have not been burst.

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