Sunday, March 6, 2016

All *hands* on deck for the GOP

There should be an image of the Republican elephant in the dictionary next to the word "clueless".
The GOP Establishment is in a panic, dear reader. Their golden boy candidate, Jeb "Juan" Bush withdrew after not even Dubya could save his political skin. Really now. The man who essentially gave us Barry Hussein couldn't save Little Bro Jebito? What a shocker. Or, as we Bostonians say, "shock-aah".

"Do I have to remind these people to clap again, shit, damn it!" 
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Marco Rubio, who has proven to all and sundry that he considers fraternity-level obssessions with parts of the male anatomy valid talking points, only just squeaked by in Minnesota on Super Tuesday. Minnesota. The same state that elected Jesse Ventura as governor and Al Franken as Senator. Congratulations, Marco. You're still a putz. As Jeffrey Kuhner noted, the Establishment boot-lickers of FOX will be talking about Rubio's sole primary win until the year 2020.
The party of Abraham Lincoln—who is surely rolling in his grave, poor fellow—is unsure about John Kasich. Sure, he may win Ohio. He is still on-stage at the debates to be the voice of reason, i.e. "can't we all get along?" Of course, with Trump and Rubio constantly trading jibes, encouraged by the Chris Matthews', Jake Tappers, Meggyn Kellys and other assorted jo-whore-nalists—to borrow Jay Severin's brilliant description of them—Kasich would look presidential. Having said that, at least the Trumpster had the good sense to congratulate Ted Cruz on his Super Tuesday wins, a sign that he may finally be ready to bury the hatchet.
Now who's the knight-in-shining-armor that the Republican higher-ups believe they've found to "rescue" the party from the Donald via a brokered convention? Mitt "the Squish" Romney. I wish I was kidding as well, mes amis.
It's not enough that a cretinous contingent of Tea Party conservatives think Sarah Palin is still valid (or anything approaching intelligent), but now we have the analingus providers to the illegal alien-worshipping, country-club phony capitalists of the dark Washington underworld rolling out Romney again. I have got news for the wingnuts and the wimps: I do not have fond memories of 2008 or 2012. They were, in fact, Geneva Convention-defyingly painful.
Are the people in the GOP hierarchy truly this numbskulled? Is every one of them a participant in a contest to see who can beat John Boehner's bar tab record? At least that would explain things to some degree of clarity, because nothing else suffices to justify this capitulation. They make Trump pledge to remain in the Republican party, but then threaten to go third party themselves when he looks more and more like the nominee. Give them credit. They know how to define chutzpah.
Back to Romney who declared, "Mr. Trump is directing our anger for less than noble purposes. He creates scapegoats of Muslims and Mexican immigrants, he calls for the use of torture and for killing the innocent children and family members of terrorists. He cheers assaults on protesters. He applauds the prospect of twisting the Constitution to limit first amendment freedom of the press. This is the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss."
Mitt, with all due respect, sit down and shut up. You're a loser. You're a loser because you don't have any fight and your only political title will remain "Governor". You had a chance to destroy Obama on his first-term failures and you did not deliver. You couldn't chew him up the way you did Matt Amorello. What gives? I'd rather hang upside down from a 1,000-foot crane while fighting a severe flu than endorse you for local sewer inspector, a job you appear to want very badly.
Mr. Romney, you're chasing shadows of jealousy. You're a flickering candle next to the robust, roaring fire that is Donald Trump. You've got millions; he's got billions. He controls his own destiny; you've always been a shill. Trump answers to no-one; you're the Establishment's ho'.
Sports Authority, a Bain Capital refugee, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on the same day that Romney delivered his put-down of Trump. Is all this satire on your part, Mitt? I promise to laugh appreciatively.
Notice how the Trump-haters and Cruz-bashers of the party suck-ups—Bob Dole, Karl Rove, Lindsey Graham, the Bushes, Mitt Romney—have, to date, after seven years of a feckless, lawless, contemptuous President, said nothing scathing about Obama as they have the undisputed leaders of the pack for the Republican nomination.
Barry O. has ruled by executive fiat, incited mob rule and poisoned every government institution in the rapidly fading republic that is America. Crickets. A Constitutional conservative or a populist-nationalist who wants to return the greatness to America so much as belches or scratches his crotch, everyone gets the screaming abdabs.
Hilary Clinton, as Secretary of State, set the Middle East on fire, conducted dubious business involving national secrets with rogue regimes on a private server, and retired for the night while an American ambassador, diplomat and two CIA contractors, brave men all, got slaughtered, knowing full well that their lives were in danger. Yet Trump is a raving lunatic and Cruz a creep while this corrupt harridan steals delegates from her rival in her attempt to coƶpt the Oval Office.
The Establishment and Roger Ailes's media fools who skip to their tune try to convince us that the answer to a world made extremely dangerous due to nearly a decade's worth of liberal appeasement is a guy who makes snide remarks about a competitor's hands.
Golly gee, that's genius for you, folks.


goddessdivine said...

Hmm. I have mixed feelings re Romney's speech. I actually agree with his points and the case he laid out; but maybe it wasn't the right way to deliver it.

I tolerated Trump but I really can't stand him anymore. I do NOT want him winning. He's short on policy and big on insults. I have no problem with people taking shots at each other but Trump brings it to a new low. A very low, low. And an immature one at that. He's a chameleon who can't decide where he stands or what position he'll take on given issues. I don't trust him and to be honest, I don't think he gives a flying crap about the Constitution....which is important to me.

I'm Ted Cruz all the way. And I'll take Marco next. Actually, I'm kinda pining for a Cuban ticket.

Nightdragon said...

I used to like Rubio, when I thought he was a genuine conservative, but I don't want him anywhere near the White House. Another Establishment shill, another open-borders, illegal alien-embracing boob. I'm absolutely fine with Ted Cruz, and he's still my guy. I love the dude. Unfortunately, unless upcoming primaries/caucuses start turning things around for him and allowing him to catch up with Trump in terms of delegates, then I think he's toast.

I agree about Trump, he does seem to be giving the impression that he's capable of anything -- in fact, he actually SAID that in a recent media interview. The guy is supposed to be anti-establishment, but he'll cut deals and work with Demoncrats?!

But, still, he's the only one who started the debate over illegals re: stopping the ceaseless flow of them, building that wall, and promising to prosecute Hilary properly and send her to prison -- all of that has me salivating. And I believe he will deliver on all of that.

Look at it this way: He CAN'T possibly be any worse than the Bozo the Big-Eared (Satanic) Clown that we currently have, and we conservatives will at least get SOME things that we want. There will be more prosperity in the country with Trump in there, I have faith in that. Hilary must be stopped at ALL costs, so if it comes down to it, then yeah, I'm voting for the Donald. That replacement for Scalia absolutely must come from a Republican president. And, hey, Donald might surprise us all by nominating Cruz for SCOTUS. I'm totally up for that.

And I'm sorry about Mitt. I liked him as Governor of Massachusetts, aside from RomneyCare. And he was my guy in 2012; I was genuinely enthused about him. But he's sounding pathetic now and, any way you slice it, he did give us a second Obama term because he just would not fight the way he should have. Yeah, I want to punch arrogant troublemakers in the face too -- what's so wrong with that? It demonstrates that you won't take any guff. And criticizing his desire to bring back torture to get Gitmo jailbirds to talk -- again, what's the problem? Keeps us much safer than any damn useless NSA spying program ever could.

Losers should not lecture us about what's good for the party and the country. Just play some golf or whatever it is you do for leisure, Mitt, and stay out of this.