Saturday, May 7, 2016

Levin calls out the 'despicable' Wall Street Journal

As much as I've been getting on Mark Levin's case lately, because his defense of Ted Cruz so often stretched to ridiculous lengths, his presentation, on his May 4 show, against the "circle-nerd" globalists of The Wall Street journal and its perennially recycled editorial in favor of open borders was pure joy to hear.
Levin reports on how The Wall Street Journal crafted their previous editorial, written 15 years ago, calling for a Constitutional amendment that would allow open borders to one that vilified Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for their respective positions that challenged open borders and the status quo mess that is our poor excuse for policies concerning immigration.
One of the most pathetic editorial pages in the country, up there with The New York 'Slimes' and The Washington 'Compost' and so many of these Left-wing newspapers, is The Wall Street Journal. It's a propagandist machine ... The Wall Street Journal editorial page is basically Mitch McConnell's press secretary. They were also very flattered to have John Boehner as Speaker of the House. They have defended virtually every major spending bill, every major debt, every major budget, every major screw-up—the bail-outs, TARP—all of it. The Wall Street Journal editorial page is basically in the back pocket of The U.S. Chamber of 'Crony Capitalism'. Which is why most of you can't stand them ... They write like Left-wing, Marxist kooks. 
This despicable, deplorable editorial page made clear several decades ago, 'thou shalt have open borders'. That's what they wanted as a Constitutional amendment ... The Wall Street Journal editorial board is un-American, when it comes to immigration. Absolutely un-American, and dangerously so. 
In the second paragraph [of the open borders editorial]: 'During the immigration debate of 1984, we suggested an ultimate goal to guide passing policies,' that is, on immigration. A Constitutional amendment, quote, 'There shall be open borders'. And do you know what happened? A little over two months later, we were attacked. In some cases, by people who overstayed their visas. It's called 9/11. Terrorists come into a country, criminals come into a country. Yes, yes, yes. As John McCain would say, 'Hey, who's gonna pick the lettuce?' 
We were hit on 9/11. Maybe The Wall Street Journal editorial page has some responsibility for it. Pressing, pressing, pressing the most extreme and radical agenda when it comes to immigration, ever. Not even our imperial President believes there shall be open borders. No, effectively there are, but he would never say that. The Wall Street Journal proudly says, 'there shall be open borders'. [But] they don't propose that amendment anymore. The circle-nerds over there at The Wall Street Journal editorial page, they don't propose this editorial anymore. Do you, boys? Do you, kids? No, you don't. Instead, you trash the candidates who want to make sure America is secure and safe, who will take on the enemy. 
But for you, cheap labor—cheap foreign labor, cheap third-world foreign labor—is more important than America's security, even after 9/11. You punks are a disgrace. You are frauds and you're fakes. And the same for your boss, Rupert Murdoch, another open-border guy, an immigrant into the United States. Open borders, open borders, open borders. They've learned nothing. Even after 9/11, they've learned nothing. Some days it's hard to tell the difference between The New York 'Slimes' editorial page and The Wall Street Journal editorial page. 
So what do these people stand for on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal? They stand for autocracy. They do not stand for limited, Constitutional government. They do not stand for free-market capitalism. They stand for autocracy, they stand for crony capitalism, and they stand for crony, centralized big government. Because many of their favorite subscribers rely on corrupt, phony, crony capitalism, in bed with the federal government, in bed with the Re-pube-licans, in bed with the Democrat party, to make their millions and their billions ... This is their mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal editorial page.
Bravo, Mark, bravo. I do like to give credit where it's due, and this little deliverance of a major home truth on the air deserves space on this blog.

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