Saturday, May 21, 2016

The case for Leave the EU, part I

The other day, Squirrel witnessed somebody handing out pro-European Union leaflets on behalf of the Remain campaign at the local train station. Strewn all over the ground by the station, along the road leading from the station and even on the concourses were these paper leaflets. What was one of the talking points in said leaflets? That environmental concerns are better addressed by staying in the EU. Wonderful ... or should I say, wunderbar.
Not to be outdone in terms of inanity, the bozos at the Britain Stronger in Europe movement are under the impression that I'll be intimidated by the following. Addressing me by name in a previous e-mail, these witless crusaders beseech me to consider that "Donald Trump backs Brexit. Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's racist National Front, backs Brexit. Nigel Farage and George Galloway back Brexit."
Ummm ... OK? And they all happen to be right, including George Galloway. A broken clock is correct twice a day. I'm supposed to be put off the Leave campaign because one loose screw on the far-Left backs it? I'm not. Good for you, "Gorgeous George".
"These are people who campaign on fear and division—and we've got to fight them every step of the way," says Stronger In, who incidentally themselves comprise of swank Lefties who've never had one word to say about Galloway's other antics, too numerous to mention—but you can read about that here.
I'm no fan of Le Pen either, or any hard-Right nutter—authoritarians are bad news, be they Left- or Right-wing—but she would not exist were it not for the increasingly Stalinist-Leninist direction of the European Union with all its diktats and declarations, constantly telling us what appliances and medicines we can have, forever bleating on about the human rights of dangerous criminals, and the defenseless state to which this power-hungry, anti-democratic federalist entity subjects us because it needs its precious migrants.
Dear reader, you can say that the European Union has become the new Soviet Union and that would have some validity. However, at least the U.S.S.R. was very strong militarily and had some sense of purpose. The Soviets knew what they believed and they were prepared to defend it. Limp-wristed Europe won't strengthen its borders against invaders and if you ask any of the wooden Indians who make up its bureaucracy what it means to be European, they will no doubt scratch their heads and say they'll get back to you on that. 
Alison Pearson, writing in The Daily Telegraph, notes that the population equivalent of six cities the size of Newcastle have flooded into Britain between 2010 and 2015, and says, "[T]he Government truly, madly, deeply wishes that we would stop asking awkward questions about immigration and do something else, like laying in beer, bratwurst and I HEART Merkel! T-shirts for our Eurovision party at the weekend." (Eurovision is a song contest that has been held since 1956 and, if you've ever seen it, offers the best reason for leaving the EU on general principle alone.)
The Office of National Statistics has made a habit of assuming that workers from across Europe, especially Eastern European ones, will come to Britain to fill a role, earn the money they need and head back home. Just ask Americans how effective such a program is, given all their problems with overstays on student and HB1 visas. The ONS recently revealed, however, that the number of National Insurance numbers have inexorably risen, with no indicators of the expected drop-off in active numbers that could be predicted if these migrants left. Instead, these people have brought their families over and settled down. The ONS previously told us that within the last five years just under one million immigrants settled in the UK. Their most recent report reveals an actual figure of 2.4 million. The Remain campaign is so open about the facts that they attempted to block access to this data by ignoring the Freedom of Information Act until it was no longer feasible.
Pearson writes of this population surge, "It's a stupefying figure, which helps to explain the growing crisis in the NHS, with one migrant registering per minute with a GP in England and Wales. (Yes, madam, it's why there isn't a single free paediatric bed in Greater London for your little boy with a bursting appendix.)"
Remainiacs, perhaps you'd care to explain how we can possibly miss these people when they won't go away?
More from Pearson: "The pattern of this referendum campaign so far is the Establishment telling the men and women of this country we are too stupid to understand what's good for us. Trust in the elites, folks, and vote Remain. If yesterday's figures say anything, however, it's that the elites are not to be trusted. When it comes to uncontrolled immigration, they have played the biggest con-trick in living memory. I am sure there are many eloquent words to describe this situation, but the three I find myself reaching for are absolute, bloody and disgrace."
Yet, the folks at Stronger In expect me to believe that the good men and women of the Leave camp "don't care about your job, your rights at work, or lower prices for you and your family—they have their own agenda." Really? I see. So it's Leave that wants Brits to lose out to massive influxes of cheap labor? Talk about a non-sequitur. And, yeah, agendas—pfft, sure, the Remainiacs ain't got them, they're as pure as the driven snow. You can trust them, they're not like all the others.
If the Remain campaign is so noble, then why did new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan not reveal himself as a supporter until after he won the May 5 election? Is Sadiq a political coward? I don't think so. It's obvious that Remain, the true invertebrates in this tale of woe, told him that the mayoral election was too important to risk by taking a side beforehand. In stark contrast, his opponent, Zac Goldsmith, had already let his position in favor of Leave be known. And that is not the reason why Goldsmith lost, in case the Remainiacs wish to gloat about that. Mr. Khan's win represents the typical win-loss cycle of an electoral system dominated by two parties. The London mayoral office was under a Conservative administration for the last eight years. Voters—the 45.3 percent of them who actually turned out—decided it was Labour's turn again.
We could stand on our own just fine if only this pathetic so-called Conservative government took steps to strengthen its own native population, you know, citizens, instead of looking after every Tomasz, Dietrich and Henri who stand at border control, announcing, "I love Britain, God bless the Queen, give me job!"
The Remain campaign is run by corporatists who fund the government and campaigned on behalf of by young people too ignorant to know they're being duped. Europe is trendy, don't you know, and why do we want to be insular and ... and ... isolationist (dark word alert, dunh, dunh, dunh!) by leaving its protective bosom? Oh dear, oh golly, oh gee willikers!
Remain doesn't care about the cruelty inherent in allowing big business to get their cheap labor while the formerly proud working class in the country continues to get destroyed by indolence and the alcoholism and drug-taking that usually accompanies it. Just throw benefits at the bums and shut them up. We need more migrants.
I can demonstrate. Tata Steel Limited's British operation has been decimated by cheap Chinese steel imports which the EU allows for, thanks in large part to the U.K.'s intervention on behalf of the lesser duty rule that prevents tariffs to discourage dumping. Prime Minister David Cameron then sends Business Secretary Sajid Javid to talk with furious workers at the steel firm's Port Talbot plant. China, meanwhile, posted a 46 percent tariff on goods from that very plant. It doesn't matter though, because our high-tech industries are booming, whose bottom tiers, from customer service, data entry and various run-of-the-mill duties, are filled with workers from within and outside of the EU. Of course, once those outside the EU enter the EU, Europe accepts them and they eventually get shunted to Britain.
Oh, but it gets better. The vote over whether we should stay or go comes at a time when the EU is pondering the swelling of its ranks by adding Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey. The United Kingdom, under its current corrupt leadership, is only too happy to provide the millions worth of funding to make this possible. That's OK, though, because apparently, the ones in charge care about my job and are free of any agendas. Yep.
Is there anyone other than the average Remainiac goon who thinks that adding 78 million Muslims to the European Union is a good idea? I hate to be ... gee, prejudicial, but I just don't see the benefit to this. More people will rush into the U.K. to take advantage of not just available work, but the new National Living Wage. Workers from Eastern Europe previously extolled the higher wages available here than in their native countries and the Government, through sheer brilliance, just brightened the beacon leading them here by forcing a higher national minimum wage on employers.
"We can't let Trump, Farage and Galloway win. Let's fight them together. Donate £3 or whatever you can afford today and help fund the leaflets, street stalls, and posters that will help us reach the voters that will decide this referendum. Will you stand up to them today, Mark?" the Stronger In Team asks me, no doubt all doe-eyed with fluttering eyelashes.
Sorry, but no. In fact, I think I'll fight you propagandists instead.

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