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The case for Leave the EU, part II

The other day, one of the usual fluff "news" offerings on Yahoo! informed those who read it what the top 25 cities for the highest quality of life on Earth currently are. Four Canadian, three Swiss and five antipodean (Australian/New Zealand) cities made the list. Little Luxembourg also cracked the top 25. Those make sense; those I can believe.
However, the list of twenty-five includes some truly outlandish choices. Brussels, for instance. The Islamofascist terror capital of Europe, where 32 innocent people were slaughtered when bombs exploded at its international airport and a downtown subway station as recently as March. We also find Stockholm on the list. The Swedish capital is the rape centre of Europe, and it's not the native descendants of the Vikings committing the crimes.
As if those inclusions were not brash enough on account of the dopes who compiled the list, here's where it gets really good. No less than seven German cities appear on it. That's right, Germany rocks a .280 batting average on this compilation. That's 28 percent for those of you who do not understand baseball statistics. Over one-quarter of twenty-five offerings are in Germany. I stress this point because I want you, dear reader, to understand what this means. It means "propaganda," on a big-time, grade-A, major-league scale.
By including Stuttgart, Nurnberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich and even the capital Berlin on the list, Mercer, an investment firm and compiler of this risible list, is telling the average person, "Hey, you. Don't you wish you lived in Germany? Look at all the cities there that cracked our top twenty-five for quality of life. Why, life would be such a treat for you and your kids, because German schools are the place to be for pupils who want peaceful school days and who can study diversity from a safe distance. You can party hardy in city center plazas all night long and Germany is so lawful and so structured that nothing bad will ever happen. All hail Chancellor Merkel for making Germany such a paragon of virtue and civility!"
If you believe this hogwash for even a tenth of a microsecond, I feel very sorry for you. I would bet good money on the average German bursting out laughing upon seeing this list. Alas, Mercer lets us know, in no uncertain terms, that no American cities made the top twenty-five. Oh, really? Why is that, pray tell? Because even they can't deny the threat of being caught up in a Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) "protest"? That you can attend a ballgame and not be able to leave the park once it's over because the city around the ballpark has become a war zone, with Soros's satanic children running riot? Because loonies are not kept in insane asylums where they belong and are free to go on stabbing or shooting sprees in offices and shopping malls across the fruited plain? Because America has an unpatrolled and porous, open southern border so that its cities are full of criminal aliens who are deemed untouchable as soon as they arrive? No surprise there, genuises. But I digress ...
Surely Mercer does not have an agenda when it comes to whether to stay in or leave the European Union? Think again. Informing us that pensions uncertainty could ensue in the event of Brexit, they suggest that "trustees monitor the position closely."
"Currently, the EU has a significant influence on the UK's pension legislation and a growing role on regulatory issues," Mercer states. Yes, and that's exactly the problem, idiots. Can Britain not look after its own pensions structure? I know the Government doesn't want to deal with that, because they're predictably lazy, it's far easier for them to plop it all in the hands of faceless bureaucrats in Brussels, assuming they don't get blown up on the way into their gloomy offices. But they will bloody well be forced to deal with it if the Leave side wins, won't they?
The Remainiacs will say anything and get you to believe that it's the end of the world if you don't comply with them. Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of the possibility of (yet another) war in Europe if Britain leaves. This assumes that Britain's presence in the EU solidly prevents such a scenario from occurring. Perhaps one European leader could enlighten us as to how the U.K. is stopping the coming armageddon, because this Government certainly isn't clarifying. So leaving the EU according to Dodgy Dave is apparently akin to leaving NATO. That's right. If Brexit succeeds, just lock yourselves away in your basements, folks, we're in for one hell of a rough ride.
I do apologize, but I'm not inclined to vote in favor of continuing to be metaphorically ass-raped by the unelected boobs of the EU, especially when they are so hypocritical. Diversity is fine if it's of a different skin color, creed, religion, what have you, as long as it's not classically European—re: white—in focus or structure. Diversity, however, within the established order of Europe is verboten.
Fans of the soccer team in Barcelona have been subjected to full body searches in order to remove any Catalan independence flags so they will not be waved about in the stands to cause any dissension. Because the Catalan independence movement is just so blood-thirsty and violent, y'know? Every other day, there's yet another atrocity being committed by some terrorist cell in Barcelona. It's a real problem. Yep, yep. So Spain sends goons on behalf of its government to the stadium to strip fans of any esteladas that they may be hiding and telling Barça fans, "no, no, naughty, naughty. You have flag, you miss game."
When the phone don't ring, you know it's EU president Jean-Claude Juncker on the line, saying that this crackdown on freedom of speech and expression cannot be tolerated. These are the same continental cretins who claim "human rights" have prevented it from smashing the terrorist cells in Molenbeek, the jihadist center of Brussels.
"Refugees" and "migrants" are actively turning Europe into Eurabia, and yet European leaders, including in Germany, fret over neo-Nazis and other far-Right groups instead, because they all have IQs of seven, which means they have no understanding of cause and effect. Masked anti-refugee vigilantes are becoming a regular part of life in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden, but The Guardian and the moonbats who read it worry a lot more about them than the crisis that gave rise to them in the first place.
With public services being stretched to breaking point in Britain, and with the Muslim presence already long since determined to be a threat, Cameron has told us "not to think about" Turkey's looming membership in the EU and that he is passionate about "paving a road from Ankara to Brussels". For those of you unfamiliar with the way they settle things in Ankara, have a look at the following: 
This happens all the time. The Turks are pretty passionate themselves. Turkish parliamentary debates should be prime-time and pay-per-view; it would give the UFC a run for its money. This is the government that David Cameron wants to work with as a member of the European Union. How jolly.
President Obama and his goof of a slavish lapdog, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have said they want Britain to remain in the EU. So has Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Does that not say it all?
In fact, even though the polls naturally fluctuate, in the days after Barry O.'s visit to tell the Brits that they'd be last in the queue for a trade deal if they voted to leave, support for Brexit shot up. There was an "Obama effect," but it backfired.
Entrepreneur and Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis, when asked about the campaign to remain in the EU and the American carnival barker-in-charge's visit to intercede on behalf of it, opined thusly:
Obama, what was he thinking? This is Great Britain, not a third world country run by a tinpot dictator. It was: 'Do as the Americans tell you to do because it's in the best interests of America and you must give up your democracy and sovereignty.' I think whoever was advising him must be an idiot. There's no doubt that in the medium to long term, leaving will make no [negative] difference to trade. Whoever tells you otherwise is mad, because it defies every piece of logic and trade in the history of man. It is rubbish.
So another successful businessman has criticized the Remain camp. Oh dear. Better let the world know that a Dragon has joined the ranks of Trump, Le Pen, Galloway and Farage!
Jonathan Arnott, a member both of UKIP and of the European Parliament, notes the asininity of Obama's intervention: "I wonder if he'd accept a pan-American union where the USA had to subsidize smaller nations, where the USA didn't have the power to write its own laws, where 'gas' prices more than doubled overnight, where they had to accept unlimited immigration from Mexico and where they had to ask other countries' permission to set their own foreign policy." Mr. Arnott, you obviously don't know this imposter very well, because it is obvious to everyone who has had to live under his executive tyranny that Obama would object to none of that, and is in fact actively seeking it. However, your point is taken.
A Scottish audience member on the show Question Time, in which various politicians discuss issues of the day and answer queries from those in the auditorium, went even further. Complaining about how Barack Obama threatened the U.K. with a low trade priority while also pushing the TTIP "free trade" agreement, and how the whole European system seems to be run from America, the audience member concluded, when asked by moderator David Dimbleby what he would like done about it, that he'd blow the U.S. up once Brexit had succeeded. As a watcher of the programme declared later on Twitter, "Welcome to Aberdeen!"
All joking aside, these are issues of sovereignty that cannot be taken lightly. Mr. Arnott, as a European Parliament member, knows only too well. He informs us that, "the phrase 'diktats from Brussels' relate to the fact that, almost every time, the driving force behind new legislation is the unelected Commission. Elected MEPs end up being little more than a rubber-stamping chamber. There is no 'government' and 'opposition' in the European Parliament."
The hysteria of the Remain camp grows day by day, playing on the politics of fear. One wonders why David Cameron even allowed a referendum on the EU when he allies himself so firmly with those who shamelessly fib about what Brexit would mean. We would lose access to the Single Market? Why, then, can Norway, Iceland, the Channel Islands, Liechtenstein and Switzerland all partake in it when none of them are part of the EU? Our business climate would suffer? If Brexit succeeds, British businesses, by and large, will be free of the EU's onerous regulations. We would lose loads of jobs? The jobs that Remain says are at risk depend largely on trade, not EU membership. As Matthew Snape's piece on Backbench states, "with a seat at the WTO, we will no doubt organize better trade deals for Britain instead of being tied to the failed Common Commercial Policy of the EU."
Why is Remain so desperate if their arguments in favor of staying part of the EU so sound? An acquaintance of mine was considering voting to stay. He had pretty much determined that was the right thing to do. Then he got one of Remain's infamous leaflets delivered through his mail-slot and became incensed at the hyperbole inside that he was expected to digest. Well done, Remainiacs—you've just created a Leave voter.
Apparently, Remain can't find enough globalist, Paul Ryan clones to try to sell its snake oil. C'est dommage! Such a pity.

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