Monday, October 15, 2007

Because of me some scumbag lives? No, I think not!

According to one of the papers I read last night, two people, who did not know each other, surprised British doctors by requesting a live organ donation—to complete strangers. They both gave their reasons as wanting to reflect human kindness.
Which my cynical brain kicked around like a football for several seconds before completely rejecting it.
Forgive the pun, but I wouldn't be caught dead giving my organs to someone else, unless I knew everything about the person who was to receive them. I'd do it, like most people do, to save the life of a loved one. But a complete stranger? No, never.
Why? Because Murphy's Law has always seemed rather fond of me. And I know that bitch will strike if I ever donate anything, even blood, to help save the life of a stranger. I have this petrifying fear that stranger will turn out to be a fanatical Muslim. Or an animal researcher. Perhaps an illegal immigrant who has no right to medical treatment in this country (but, saps that the British are, get treated anyway). Maybe even a violent prisoner. In fact, there's no end of reasons why I would shudder to think that I helped out someone else that I didn't know.
So, I've never been big on carrying a donor's card or giving blood. I won't even break up fights, not because I'm scared but because I honestly don't care; if I see a battle going on, I cross the street and let the combatants continue their skirmish in peace.
I guess I've never been big on this whole "milk of human kindness" rubbish. And, considering what I am and the sad history of my species, that's hardly surprising.


kristen said...

This is a funny post. I never thought about the fact that my organs could be going to someone less deserving, or even criminal.

I don't plan to donate my organs just because. I personally don't want my body mutilated and scrapped for parts. I also can't help but think sometimes one is messing with God's will; although each situation is different.

I don't donate blood because even getting my blood drawn for medical reasons is almost too much.

Anonymous said...

I hope if you saw a girl being raped you would at least yell at those abusing her to scare them off.

Nightdragon said...

Oh, "anon," don't be ridiculous! I would do more than yell at a rapists (or rapists) -- I would take the nearest heavy, blunt object to their heads. Don't you know me well enough to know that I wouldn't walk away from that sort of thing? I'm just saying, when it comes to two shitheads beating each other up, I'm happy to ignore it. It doesn't concern me.

rO said...

I consider your point of view very interesting. I don't carry a donor's card either, just because in my country, carrying it means that in an emergency, doctors wouldn't do all they could do in order to save my life, so they will donate my organs. That's why I prefer giving the rights over my corpse to my family. But I want to donate my organs, even if they are donated to a complete stranger, just because I don't know who will recieve them, and it could be a common person like you and me, who needs it and don't have any relatives who can donate to him.

Hope my opinion doesn't bother you,



Nightdragon said...

You didn't offend me, rO, and your p.o.v. is welcome here because you were perfectly polite about it. That's all I ask from any reader.

For me, it's that fear factor that I mentioned which keeps me from being altruistic. Y'know, I don't want to help out anyone who, for all I know, hates Americans or dragons, or is a religious fanatic or abuses animals or whatever other myriad of reasons I might have to resent him or her.

It may sound petty, but I just do not want my blood nor my organs going into anyone ele's body if I don't know them inside-out. It's not a gift that I'm prepared to give. And, just so you know that I'm not a hypocrite, I don't expect anyone else's help either. If my body fails me, then my number's up, that's nature.