Monday, October 22, 2007

Not your father's—or grandfather's or great-grandfather's—Red Sox?

So this is what it's like to root for a winning baseball team with a confident, angst-free fan base? Even after the exhiliration that was 2004, I'm still getting used to it.
It's amazing how often the Red Sox find themselves crawling out of holes. Oops. Did I say "crawling?" I meant blasting. After the Indians had us down three games to one, we finally recovered and slaughtered them by a combined, three-game score of 30-5. As sports columnist Dan Wetzel writes, "Now [the Sox] are the team with so much talent and tenacity that if you get them down you need to drive a stake through their heart. If not, they'll come back and break yours."
I also love Wetzel's observation that:
"The Red Sox, the team that forever used to dig their own grave, now just dances on their opponents' ...
Whatever you once knew about the Red Sox is gone. This is no cuddly underdog, no loveable loser trying to change history.
This is Goliath."
Amazing, isn't it? After decades of heartbreaking defeats and constant team-manager shake-ups, the Red Sox get to swagger into the World Series, while the Yankees find themselves in disarray and despondently searching for answers. Oh, how the tables have turned!
I wouldn't say that we've become like the Yankees just yet. After all, in 2005, we got bounced out in the first round and in 2006, the Yankees themselves delivered a late-season, 1978-style Boston Massacre II, killing our chances of making the playoffs.
But I'm loving this year. This is even more justice for all the fans of the past who suffered. Bring on Colorado and let's start this World Series! Boston has another trophy to win!


abel said...

Go Sox!

Nightdragon said...

Thanks, Abel. Nice to know that a Tigers fan is rooting for us!

East of Eden said...

Well, it starts tonight! Good luck to your Sox. We have a split fan base here in our house. My DH is rooting for the Rockies (because he's a Colorado boy) and I'm rooting for the Sox, because they are awsome! I hope you get to watch some games! :)

I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day, it had the pair of Red Sox, Sox and it said, "What curse?"

Nightdragon said...

Thanks, Eden. Good to know you remain loyal to the Sox despite your hubby's preference -- although it's perfectly understandable why he's rooting for them. I'd expect no less of someone from CO.

I must say, I never thought I'd live long enough to witness the Red Sox not only winning one contemporary WS but possibly two in the space of three years!

But here's hoping your Cubbies make it someday. Perhaps next year! I'd be willing to see Boston take a back seat in order to let the Cubs win it all. They deserve it.