Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our nine-year-old world

On Wednesday, my boss asked me if I could work overtime this Saturday, as I did last week. I had to say no, because my wife and I would be in a small cathedral town in Cambridgeshire celebrating our 9th anniversary.
"I don't know what there is to celebrate," I told him with a wry smirk. "It's just been torture."
Seriously, though, I wouldn't have it any other way. Despite the homesickness, and the inevitable arguments and disagreements that come with living closely with another person, I have no doubts whatsoever that I made the right choice on that sunny day in Boston, May 1998, when I told Squirrel over the phone, "I do." After all, if you can say that your spouse is not just your lover or the person you share a house and the bills with, but your best friend as well, then clearly you have made the right decision in deciding to get hitched.

Squirrel and I in Barcelona, 2001

I've learned a lot in these nine years. After seriously thinking that bacherlood was in the cards for me, I am still somewhat amazed to find myself a happily married man—well, a dragon in a man's form—for nine years.
Our marriage has been about togetherness, about teamwork, about a deep understanding between us that we could have with no-one else. Squirrel and I have a world of our own making and nothing will shatter that. This world acts in tandem with the world outside our door, but it's also a world none other can take part in. It is completely ours and that's the way we like it.
After nine years, I can honestly say that still I love that girl with all my heart, and that there are still plenty of moments when I gaze upon her the same way I did the day we first laid eyes on each other. We now begin our journey toward our tenth anniversary and I'm sure it'll be no less precious to me, or her, than all the others have been.
Happy Anniversary, my love.


kristen said...

Who knew you could be such a romantic? ;-) You almost had me crying.

Congratulations on the 9 years and I hope there are many more as joyful and wonderful for you both.

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary - may your world be yours for many, many years to come.

Nightdragon said...

Pam: Thanks! I hope so too. By the way, you posted twice, by accident I'm sure, so I just deleted the second posting (in case you wonder).

Kristen: Well, I can be pretty good at romance, when I really put my mind to it and if I consider it worth the effort. There was lots of romance during our courtship, and at times like these ... However, I regret to inform you that normally, 99 times out of 100, I'm your typical male who dismisses romance as "girly" or "gay." LOL. When Squirrel says, "I love you," most times I just mumble "YeahIluvyoutoo" in response, in as flat a voice as they come. Me and Romance don't often walk the same path together! But my wife means the world to me -- and she knows it! As I say, we've built our own world together, and I wouldn't go without it.