Thursday, October 4, 2007

The eco-friendly house is £865,000, but the hypocrisy is free

The Curtis family of Lewes, England are selling their self-built eco-house which won an award for the "greenest" home in the UK from mortgage providers Norwich and Peterborough last year.
Aaron and Raphaella Curtis have five children.
To sum up: This family, made up of seven members, claimed residence in Britain's most environmentally friendly house.
Now for the million-dollar question: What is wrong with that picture?!


kristen said...

Hey, I come from a family of seven. Nothing wrong with that.

The only thing wrong with 'overproducing' children is not taking care of said children.

Nightdragon said...

No disrespect to you and yours intended, Kristen. But I must respectfully disagree that having as many children as one pleases, as long as said children are brought up right, is OK.

No offense, because I know you're a Christian, but I'm getting really tired of this religious justification for babies galore. God said, "Go forth and multiply." He didn't specify a number, but I really have my doubts if God thought that several hundred billions of people on a relatively small planet was/is a good idea. He surely can't be that clueless.

For instance, it's great news that the Pope wants to be the "green" Pope and that he's encouraging respect for the Earth and all. But, in my opinion, it's just mere lip service UNLESS he comes out and says: "You know that whole 'go forth and multiply' thing, folks? Well, I think we obeyed God's word to the letter and now it's time to think of scaling back just a bit. It's entirely O.K. for Catholic families to now be on the small side." Once the Pope -- or any leader of any religion or religious sect says words to that effect, that's when I'll take them seriously as good stewards of the Earth.

I think it's time we all started taking the concept of limited resources and space seriously. I really don't want to see the rest of the planet to end up a crowded mess like India and China are. I have to live here too, as much as I may not like it, and I value my personal space very highly. We dragons are territorial, you know! *wry smirk*

kristen said...

Don't worry, I didn't take too much offense ;-)

Yes, part of my belief system is families, and multiplying and replenishing the earth. Personally I wouldn't want a litter of 6 (maybe 3?), but for some it suits them. Families are a central part of life. Believe it or not there are billions of people still waiting to come to this earth. God created this earth with the intent for mankind to inhabit it. There are plenty of resources.

Nightdragon said...

Well, I'm relieved that you didn't take any of that personally. *phew*

I still totally disagree with your "the more, the merrier" scenario, but that's life ...