Friday, June 22, 2007

Further evidence as to why mankind baffles me ...

The more I observe humans, the greater my dilemma in deciding whether to be fascinated or disgusted by them.
Case in point: I boarded the bus into work last night and noticed two young women seated in front of me, both corpulent, talking with their mouths open. What were they eating? McCrap.
The content of their conversation, as much as I could interpret was: "So yeh, I woz pissed off about i'. I mean, that just isn't done, is i'? Like, you just don't do that, yeah? I woz right pissed off, I woz." Imagine bits of Big Mac and fries liberally leaping to and fro in the air around them.
I wonder what pissed the speaker off. Was the McDonald's outlet they were originally thinking of wobbling into closing up shop for the night? Did they actually have to find someway of dragging their posteriors to the McD's on the other side of town?
Why do people do this? I mean, what on earth convinces a 250-pound person that they're going to seem any more attractive by shoving fast food into the crater-like orifice on their face (where most people have mouths) and talking loudly in a slack-jawed voice about how pissed off they are? Are they trying desperately to be satirical or is this some strange form of rebellion, I wonder?
I mean God forbid they work out, discover the pleasure of an endorphin rush, and try to have some pride in themselves and their appearance. Or, scary thought: Were they proud to be what they already were? They certainly didn't seem inhibited in any noticeable way.
I don't know, but I was frightened. Those two "ladies" are going to give me nightmares for weeks to come. But, I'll say this much for them: They're certainly very representative of contemporary humankind.


Tusk said...

Well, it's not just overweight people that eat McCrap and talk like demented mutts.
Although you've most likely been provided with a snapshot into the future. Working and lower middle-class is heading down that road really quickly.

I hate Burger fast food places. Being one of these "Corpulent" people, I really don't like being seen eating in public. No matter what fat people eat, whether it's healthy or not they're going to get slagged off.

kristen said...

Ew, Ew, Ew. I would be officially grossed out. And on a bus? When you're packed like sardines? It's called don't bring the fast food on the bus and don't eat like a pig at a trough!

I like burgers and fries, but in moderation. Ok, I'm a sucker for fries. But they're a treat, not an every day entity. And, I take care of my body with exercise AND the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Nightdragon said...

Tusk, I believe I really am seeing the future of humankind here; it's certainly not pretty. But, I assure you, even if I see a skinny or average weight person eating McCrap, I roll my eyes and am thankful that I'm not them.

Kristen, I like fries too, though I never eat them from fast-food joints. If I want fries, I buy McCain's (not be be confused with McCrap, lol) Oven Chips -- they're a healthy (or relatively healthier) alternative. And, as you know, I'm a veggie, so I turn my nose up at anyone eating meat -- that, admittedly, was also part of my disgust with them. About the bus, it wasn't packed. There were only about six of us on there. I go to work late at night, so the buses are usually fine for personal space at that time.

Tusk said...

Mc Cain are the best.

Ever considered going Vegan ND?

Nightdragon said...

"Ever considered going Vegan ND?"

No, a vegan lifestyle is, I'll admit, inconvenient and goes too far. I'd never be able to eat out if I became a vegan (not that I do so on a regular basis, but I'd like to have the option available). Perhaps it would be great for us (the wife and I) to give up dairy products as well, but well, I guess we all have our limits as to how far we'll take an ethical or healthy eating habit.

I'm just happy to leave red and poultry meat off my plate. I'm not fond of it, and I certainly don't need whatever vitamins or minerals are in it as I can get those from plant or dairy sources. I also, I admit, sometimes eat fish and seafood, so maybe I'm not really a veggie? (Though my wife definitely is.) Maybe I'm more of a pescetarian? I guess I just call myself a vegetarian just to let people know that I don't touch red meat or poultry, even if I do occasionally eat fish/seafood.

Tusk said...

Andrew is an old friend of mine. He's an amateur body-builder, so his opinions on nutrition etc are about as subtle as a sledgehammer. :)

Take it from me- try cutting out at least the dairy for a week or so. BIG change. That's how my blog started btw, chronicling my 3 week vegan experience.

Tusk said...

Oh I thought it a slight, just slightly thoughtless! ;)

Dan said...

I'll have the occasional mcdonalds or burger king, but I hate it when people talk loudly about how pissed off they are too! I was once on a bus and endured about 10 minutes of someone on their mobile phone "Do ya think I f*cked 'im then, just f*ckin say it then"

Oh - and another really obnoxious one was at the pleasure beach, soe liverpudlian trying to arrange a neet up "I'm on the riiiide, on the sturrrs, on the sturrrs over here, on the riiide, on the sturrrrs" etc..