Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Salman Rushdie's Satanic knighthood

Well, well—those ever-tolerant practitioners of "the religion of peace" are at it yet again. They're shitting in their cribs to protest Salman Rushdie's knighthood. It is genuinely frightening that anyone could be so devoted to the word of "God" that they have no notion of free will or free speech.
Rather, Muslims apparently believe that if the rest of the world does not bow down and act subservient to them, then anything is fair game. We are but dirty infidels to be eradicated. Pakistan and Iran reckon that they have the right to threaten Britain if Rushdie's knighthood is not rescinded.
Rushdie's great crime, of course, was to pen The Satanic Verses in which, Muslims whine, the prophet Mohammed is blasphemed. Forget that Rushdie grew up as a Muslim and ought to know the tenets of the religion that brainwashed him throughout his youth. Happily, Rushdie outgrew all that and became a devout secularist instead. Rushdie delights in writing fiction in which history is given a twist. But therein lies the problem. Shed a different light on Mohammed, no matter how harmless, and watch the fatwas pile up.
It's all so reminiscent of last year's debacle with the Danish cartoons. The Islamic world thought they had the right to try to bully us around then and they're doing it again now. Pakistan's Religious Affairs Minister—have you ever heard of a scarier title than that?—stated, "If someone commits [a] suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified." Now there's someone totally dedicated to the concept of peace and love, wouldn't you say? I swear, these people make Fred Phelps and his gang look not only human but like members of the Rainbow Coalition.
I must say, Mohammed must have been pretty big on terrorism if this sort of insanity is what results from showing one iota less than complete and total deference to that hallucinating desert wetback's ... er, Prophet's word.
What really chaps my ass about these lunatics is their stultifying arrogance in thinking they can tell other countries what to do and how to live. Well, listen up, Pakistan, Iran and whoever else in Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong Land is offended: Britain will do whatever it pleases, and if Britain wants to confer knighthood on Salman Rushdie, then Britain will do just that! Her Majesty never asked your opinion on this matter and that's as it should be! And if you don't like it, then you can all go shit in your head-rags, you moon-worshipping goat-fuckers!
You want anti-Islamic sentiment? Well, how was that, you bloody crybabies?


Tusk said...

As middle-of-the-road as I appear to be..... I totally agree with that.
You didn't see Christians blowing up Jerry Springer up after his "Opera" became a hit.

Nightdragon said...

No, sir, you didn't. Spot on. I mean, Fred Phelps and his "congregation" may be totally insensitive pains-in-the-ass who deserve to be beaten with their own offensive protest signs ... but at least they fall short of being terrorists.

Radical Islam is another matter. You cannot compare it with fundamentalist Christianity, it's apples vs. oranges. Islam is in a league of its own, a much more dangerous one.

Despite my admittedly rather bigoted language here, I know there are good Muslims out there, but they're so damn hard to find.

Tusk said...

The radical Islamists are the pacifist ones. This is the *true* face of Islam.

kristen said...

Religion of peace....Pahh!! You are spot on. I can't believe the Religious Minister said that. I'm sorry, how is it peaceful when you are blowing people up? (read: killing people). What's worse are the nuts who actually believe them to be so peaceful--which includes many of our politicians.