Thursday, June 7, 2007

Whoa, what's happening to this country?!

Of late, I never thought I'd say that I'd approve of anything Labour or the Home Office has done—considering that all they ever usually do is completely fuck things up and force us to live our lives under the yoke of politically correct inanity—but, on terrorism, they actually appear to get it this time. Home Secretary John Reid has proposed anti-terror legislation that will extend the current 28-day limit on holding terror suspects without charge, allow evidence gained from intercepting telephone calls to be used in court, and give police greater powers to stop-and-quiz suspected terrorists and to enter their homes without need of a warrant if tipped off. Reid has also proposed that every terrorist suspect, if let out of prison due to lack of substantial evidence with which to prosecute them, be forced to sign a register so that anti-terrorism forces can keep track of them.
It's the most sensible, no-holds-barred anti-terror legislation I've yet to hear about. In other words, Britain may finally be getting something approaching its own version of the U.S.' Patriot Act. Reid has even told ministers that Britain should suspend some aspects of the European Convention on Human Rights (re: the Liberal Wishy-Washy Let's-All-Feel-Sorry-For-Disaffected-Muslims Act) in order to seriously toughen British anti-terror legislation.
Tony Blair himself has said, "If he [a foreign national] abuses our hospitality and threatens us, I feel he should take his chance back in his own home country." Agreed. I hope this quote will translate into instant deportation of any non-national without hesitation. Am I concerned about these miscreants being tortured in the shithole, backward country they originally come from? Absolutely not! I couldn't possibly care less about some Mustafa being tied to the rack in his place of origin if he planned terror against British soldiers or civilians. This is the sort of zero-tolerance action that must be taken if we are to protect our—I repeat, our—democratic, libertarian freedoms, not those of the pro-sharia Islamo-fascists!
Secondly, the government is planning to blacklist deadbeat dads to creditors so that they will not be able to take out a loan or a mortgage, essentially insuring that they cannot effectively manage their own finances or set up a life on their own. Good! Any measure that forces these scumbags to help assume responsibility for the life they brought into the world can only be a good thing.
Imagine that. Not just one, but two very sensible government proposals in the space of one week. Let's hope this sudden onset of common sense continues. Britain is sorely in need of it. Attention all MPs: A zero-tolerance crime law to tackle brainless yobs would not go amiss either, hear me?


kristen said...

Hey, that is good news. Let's hope the liberals don't get their hands on it (like they do everything) and try to 'soften' the policies. I'm totally with you on the zero-tolerance policy. And deportation? Amen. We need to do more of that here. Why are we so nice to terrorists and criminals?

Nightdragon said...

Kristen -- I seriously wonder why anyone would waste their lives worrying about law-breakers and people who intend to do serious harm onto others. Their heads just aren't right.

And, yes, perfectly true about the liberals getting their hands on everything and watering tough legislation down. Perfectly true, it's happened no end of times here. But I think this latest anti-terror legislation will enjoy cross-party support. Most Labourites and Tories will vote in favor and even some Liberal Democrats (not to be confused with the U.S. version!) are in favor.