Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This was long overdue

Ah, it's a good day. The bleeding-heart, America-hating, Islamofanatic-butt kissing George Galloway got his ass kicked the other day.
Galloway, who often fancies himself a tough guy, was recognized on a London to Glasgow flight by a group of six men who began to insult him. While waiting for his luggage at the carousel and already terrified, Galloway was surrounded by the men, kicked to the ground and nearly pushed on to the moving luggage belt.
The Respect—about as oxymoronic a phrase for a political party as you can get—MP insists that it was a sectarian attack. Galloway's native Glasgow, like Belfast, is divided between Protestants and Catholics and is home to two football (soccer) teams whose respective fan bases are either wholly Protestant or wholly Catholic. Galloway claims that, as he is a Celtic fan, the men must have been Protestants and/or Rangers fans and that that was the basis of their attack on him.
However, the group's "ring leader" told Galloway, before launching the physical attack on him, "I don't like your radio talk, I don't like your newspaper talk, I have a religious duty to knock you down." (Galloway has a talk show on the TalkSport radio station and often writes guest columns for the newspapers.) If it was a sectarian attack only, George, then why did the group's leader mention your politics, albeit in an indirect way?
I don't approve of thuggish behavior, but I'm more than willing to turn a blind eye to this. Galloway wasn't seriously hurt, after all. If he had been, it would have been a different story. But seeing as how Galloway only had to dust himself off and calm his nerves, these men deserve medals for doing what should have been done long ago—confronting that vile piece of far-Left crap.


kristen said...

Any time a left wing nut gets his butt kicked is good news (really, I don't advocate violence). But let's be honest, right wingers are usually the target for hate and/or a lot of verbal venim; so it's nice to see a flip of the coin.

East of Eden said...

This is one aspect of British religous history I've never understood. Why the hang on to the hatred of the past?

I also find it odd that people who claim to be protestant or Catholic would abandon the tenets of the Christian faith--love your enemies, and do good to those that use you--to wallop this guy (no matter how much of a putz he is). This is not representaive of any religon and I'm sure their religous leaders are not preaching beating on your enemy on Sunday.

Nightdragon said...

Eden, it's a lot more about their background and just wanting a reason to despise half the population in their city. That's all. Nothing to do with Christianity.

In Glasgow, like Belfast, it's all about group identity. And they've just conveniently latched on to this Protestant vs Catholic rivalry, though neither sect is acting very Christian about it. It doesn't help that one football team is seen as Protestant and the other as Catholic. That only makes things far worse, at least in Glasgow.

Besides, as I said, I'm not entirely convinced that the attack on Galloway was wholly sectarian. I think the men had other reasons as well. I myself would love to plant a fist on Galloway's face for his despicable politics, and I'm sure they did as well—at least in some measure.

dan said...

Galloway is one of the few people I truly despise!